Handwriting Sample

Stalker or Pathetic Fan?

Can this handwriting tell you if the person who wrote it is a dangerous stalker of just a lonely fan of a radio that needs to get a life?

What if you got this type of letter twice a week from a woman you’ve never met. It happens all the time to celebrities both big and small. This letter was shown to me by a radio host from Louisiana. I’ve also seen a similar writing style from an equally persistent “fan” at the KOMP studios in Las Vegas. I’m beginning to think that all loser radio fans write alike.

Video Handwriting Analysis of the Month: Jerri 1 of 2

This month’s “Handwriting Analysis Interview” has arrived. As part of the in-depth learning techniques taught by the Founder of Handwriting University – Bart Baggett. You need some prior knowledge of the Primary Traits in graphology to really get the full benefit of these interviews… but do the best you can whether you are a beginner or 10 year veteran analyst.

Today’s handwriting sample is of Jerri “Cat” Newsome. This is a great handwriting sample with some challenging questions.