Aamir Khan hates being told he is wrong

Indian film star Aamir Khan


Hi Aamir!

As an actor, you’re sure incredible. Some of the movies you acted in are my favourites too. However, I wanted to know you beyond your acting, at a deeper level; to understand the real face behind many reel personas. People know you as an accomplished and versatile actor. What you do on the screen is for everyone to see. Here, I’ll disclose those chapters of your life, which very few know about. It’s mere an attempt to know you through your handwriting without being judgmental. So, permit me, Aamir, to strip you for your millions of fans. Here we go:


Aamir, the first thing I notice in your handwriting is that most of your decisions in life are taken by your heart. You are a very, very sentimental person with broad range of emotions – from extreme highs to absolute lows. You feel every emotional situation intensely. In one moment you are too happy and then after some time, without reasons not even known to you, you feel utterly low and end up exhausting yourself emotionally. You find these mood swings very disturbing and at times you feel that you can’t produce anything anymore. That’s when you go back to your shell for some time, recharge yourself in solitude and come out with more ideas and strength.

You must have observed in your life that you have a get-it-done-now-and-worry-later attitude, which has landed you in several emotional troubles. You are too quick in anything related to emotions. Be it anger, love, passion or even jealousy. And then comes delayed realisation and you hear these sentences echoing in your mind: “I shouldn’t have said that. I shouldn’t have done that. I should have thought about it before doing… blah, blah.”

You frequently feel the need to be told that you are loved and wanted. And if you don’t get that from your loved ones, you feel terribly hurt. If the situation persists, you tend to move on to a person who you think will say it and make you feel better. (Kiran [spouse], now you know how you can handle your man. More is coming; keep reading.) You have a problem working in a group because more often than not, you believe that all others are conspiring against you. You think that people in the film industry are talking against you and they want to bring about your downfall. Let me tell you, Aamir, your handwriting shows that most of these fears are the byproducts of your imagination. To a great extent, this attitude is the reason you keep yourself aloof. You feel if you let anyone come close, they will hurt you emotionally because you take all comments to your heart.


People dealing with you have to very cautious what they say because one wrong word and without their knowing, Aamir will distance himself from them. If a friend, Mr A, says anything against you or your ideas and opinions, you quickly conclude that Mr A is from the “enemy camp” and you begin to distrust him and hate him. And you do that very secretly. You don’t tell anyone about your hatred. Also, you also have intellectual sensitivity. You take it personally when anybody opposes your ideas and philosophy without first praising yours. I have a feeling that you stays away from all award functions because of some individuals who at one point in time berated you, belittled your achievements or undermined your potentials. Because you have a long-lasting memory, you have not forgotten those insults. And just to express your displeasure and register your protest, you stay away from these functions. You then work hard to show “them” that you can do a better job. You don’t like being told “how do do” things; you BELIEVE you know how to do your job. You think you’re always right. People working with you sometimes get frustrated because you tend to go back to a scene or a shot again and again, again and again, again and again just to make sure the final product is nothing less than superb. Your need for perfection is largely driven by a desire to avoid criticism. You indeed tire yourself considerably just to achieve the perfection.

In personal relationships, you must have heard yourself say it to your partner very often: “Why did you say that? Why did you do that?” Nothing hurts you more than criticisms, especially if it comes from a partner. They leave you in enormous pain. You also hear yourself saying, “I don’t care what others say about me. I give a damn”. But you KNOW, Aamir, that the truth is you are really bothered about what people say. (Kiran, another revelation which you can make use of. Probably his first life partner would also have found it useful.)

Hey Aamir, tell me honestly: Aren’t you too concerned about the way you look? Don’t you stop wearing a particular dress just because someone said it once that it did not look good on you? One more thing: As a child you were subjected to excessive criticism and humiliation by people close to you.

A lot more could be said about you, Aamir. But I think it’s enough for the moment. Despite all this, you’re a wonderful actor and I won’t worry about any of the things mentioned above till I am required to deal with you at a personal level. At that point, I will surely use graphotherapy to suggest you a few changes in handwriting. One of them would be: take out the loops from your d’s and t’s. It will help you deal with your sensitivity.

(Vishwas is an India-based correspondent)

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