Vishwas Heathhcliff

I am an India-based journalist working in Mumbai. Handwriting analysis is my passion and I have brought it online because the science can be quite beneficial to people in a number of ways. Read the posts and know for yourself how it could bring about changes in your life. All the best!

Know what small handwriting means and what small writing says about personality. Small handwriting says the writer is focused and intelligent. Several scholars, such as Einstein and Newton, had small handwriting and that can’t be a bad thing. However, is it really introverted personality type? That depends on the slant and other factors of graphology.

5 Types of Signatures You Must Avoid

By Vishwas Heathcliff

Normally, I desist from analysing signatures unless they are accompanied by handwriting samples. If the signature is analysed in isolation, there are chances of me going wrong about the personality of the writer. It’s because handwriting shows how the person is, whereas signature reveals how he wants the world to see him. Hence, it’s possibe that signatures can mislead me. They can project a face that may not be true at all.