Indian Handwriting Analysts – What doodles and handwriting might reveal.

Why we Doodle, and what it means from an Indian Handwriting Expert!

First published on (India)| 04. November 2009
Can handwriting analysts reveal insights into doodling?  Is doodling as accurate an indicator as handwriting analysis?   So, why do people doodle?

Deepest insight about handwriting is that, its mind writing

“Handwriting is really mind writing- including doodles.”  Speaking to Rafiullah Baig, the founder and now President of the Handwriting Institute India who gives an insight into what goes on in the minds of humans while they mindlessly draw, and scribble on to blank paper. He said, “The deepest insight about handwriting is… its mind writing.

The source of all writing is in the mind… it is brain writing. Thoughts in the mind are converted into writing on a stroke by stroke basis. No two handwritings in the world match, just like you’re finger prints don’t match, even twins handwritings do not match.

”The reason Baig got into the field is because he had a passion for understanding people. While doodling is not a core part of this teachings – he focuses on handwriting – doodling is part of the unconscious mind. “Doodling is the echo of the sub conscious part of the human mind. The  sub-conscious mind has massive control of  us, handwriting reveals some of that.

Rafiullah Baig analyzing handwriting

“A person’s thoughts do often reveal themselves inside various aspects of handwriting:  pressure, slant and size will indicate emotional aptitude… while the shapes inside the O indicate honesty issues. If the slant going towards the left, 56 to 90 degrees, professional analysts call this an FA slant – which has a group of typical personality traits which correlate to this slant –  the personality is socially introverted and he has had some trauma to resolve and withdrawls into herself to feel safety.

The AB Slant, which tilts 90 to 112 degrees, the person is more logical person. His head rules over the heart, decisions made are very cold, without involving emotions. If the slant ranges between 112- 125, it’s a BC slant. Here the person is logical, but sympathetic to dealing with people” added Baig. He explained that while drawing figurines the person may be thinking about a particular person they would want to get involved with.

If the handwriting is of a heavy pressure, it means they have intense emotions.

He also said that handwriting can be divided into various zones… these zones can apply to doodling in the following ways:

  • That is, the upper, middle and lower zone.
  • “If the doodles are done below the line, they are sexually very intense.
  • Those who doodle on the upper zone of the paper are philosophical in nature and religious thoughts are very high.
  • The middle zone doodlers maintain a balancing act between the two other zones.
  • It’s also called the mundane zone, and the person is in a at the moment situation.
  • Those in the middle zone can be deceitful, doodles with in loops? generally indicate a particular person they are thinking about -often keeping secrets” said Baig.
  • Those with the ability to sign and overwrite, and make the signature illegible by over writing indicates that the person is prone to self- destruction” added Baig.
“In my experience there is no distinctive difference in people’s writing from various cultures.” Baig Baig graduated as the first, youngest and the only Certified Handwriting Analyst from India in 1998 from Handwriting University International, U.S.A.Handwriting Analysis was once a concept that seemed bizarre to anyone who heard anything about it. Yet, the results that he experienced were convincing so much so he grounded himself to the establishment and growth of Handwriting Institute India. He has been in the industry for the last eleven years now.
Handwriting Institute India was established in 1999 by
Baig as the 1st Authorized campus of Handwriting University International, USA. The kind of work Baig has done for Handwriting Analysis has given Bangalore, the recognition of being the graphology capital of the world.

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