Jane S. Video Interview by Bart Baggett

Answer these questions and view the video to allow the person to reveal the truth… or will she?

  • What is her biggest fear?
  • Is she honest with herself and others?
  • Does she have health issues? Is so, what kind?
  • Is she low or high maintenance?
  • What is her relationship like with men?
  • Discuss the influence of her parents on her life?
  • Has she had success in her life?
  • Download full PDF file here.

Then, when you complete the above video, watch part two below.


  1. I wasn’t too surprised at all about Janes’ handwriting and her past. One thing that really stuck out was the stinger (I forget which word now) but it shows her resentment to those of the opposite sex to a certain degree. Of course there were other items as well.

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