Is Jodi Arias Guilty? What does her handwriting reveal

If you are interesting in true crime news stories, the Jodi Arias trail in Arizona, USA is one you would love to watch. It’s so fascinating the CNN’s Nancy Grace has devoted six weeks to covering it so far.

It includes a rage filled Jodi Arias shooting and stabbing her boyfriend 27 times. Denying it happened, then admitting it.

The prosecution is calling her a nymphomaniac and showing nude photograph to the jury (now the world). The defense is calling the victim a womanizing dominant sadist.


So, given what you know about handwriting analysis… what are your thoughts on Jodi Arias’s handwriting?

Images of her writing and add her comments blow.

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  1. I see good eye for detail, sexual frustration, and large lower zones. Do you see impulsive, rage, anger, resentment or criminal tendencies?

  2. Rage and anger could stem from her extreme paranoia or the hooks in her y’s don’t always indicate sexual frustration, but physical frustration. Her temper shows in the right sided dot of her i’s. She has really low self-esteem. Weird that she has blunt honest but a little narrow-minded. Very interesting as I watched her special on tv. I just thought it was really weird that she wanted the death penalty because it would be the ultimate freedom…but then later wanted to live so she could help others…she’s young and wasted her life on one dead-end relationship that she should have just let go.

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