Lady Gaga’s Handwritten Note to Fans Analyzed

Last month Lady Gaga held a small private performance in Taiwan which made world headlines.  This week, she appeared on one of the USA’s top late night TV talk shows in Hollywood California.

There hasn’t been an entertainer to garner this much attention since Madonna sang “Like a Virgin” in torn black spandex on an Italian Gondola years ago!  It seems like every hat she wears is bizarre, every song she sings in controversial, and every time she leaves the hotel to walk her dog… cameras follow.

What is the real person behind the pubic image of LADY GAGA?
Lady Gaga hand wrote a note while staying in the Chateau Marmont hotel to her fans that were outside waiting to catch a glimpse of the entertainer.

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Lady Gaga’s note reads:

“Dear little monsters,

Thank you for singing to me all day and night. I love you with all my heart. You make everyday worth living. Kisses to the cops for keeping you safe.

Love Lady Gaga.”


Click to see Bart Baggett’s Analysis (the sample was reduced in size)

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Starting at the very top just below the Chataeu Marmont picture, we’ll look at the t-bars. You’ll see that she has average t-bars, which is an average self-esteem. You may say “Bart, that seems really odd, she seems to be the most confident person on the planet”. I totally agree with you and if you look down at her signature, you’ll see that she has confidence by the power and the size of her initials in Lady Gaga “L” and “G”. So the initials in someone’s name is about personal confidence and that of course is a part of self-esteem. So we see her t-bar being kind of medium, we know that her internal self-esteem is average, but her ego is very big and therefore her self-esteem is very average or maybe even above average if you want to include the confidence in there.

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—— Analysis Continued ——–

If you continue going clockwise, you’ll see a worry loop, which is right out of the 301 advanced text book. A worry loop means she tends to worry about things that don’t necessarily happen. A little more over is the cumulative thinker. Now this is interesting, because just over around the 5 o’clock area, is the comprehensive thinker. She has both kinds of “m’s” and “n’s” in her handwriting, this is pretty unusual. This is a sign of intelligence, flexibility, a sign of an artist that can both slow down and think kinesthetically and cumulatively maybe even a mathematician she can speed up and think very quickly. You’ll find this as unusual trait and she has both of those.

Fluidity of thinking, this is when the “S” is fluid like a “g” or a figure 8, you can see it in the word “monsters” and “singing” and by the way, if you don’t know much about her, Little Monsters is what she calls her fans “Dear Little Monsters” so it’s one of those cute little things she made up.

If you go down the first thing you see that jumps out is the very large loops (in the Y). Now if you read some introductory material on handwriting, you might think that’s only a large sex drive. It’s not just sex drive, any time you have exceptionally large loops, it all goes back to imagination. Gregarious imagination, exaggeration, blowing things out of proportion. So this is really great for imagination, really great with, like in her case costume designing and designing an image. Of course living with her would be complicated, because she would exaggerate small items, she would exaggerate a broken nail. She would exaggerate a fight with her boyfriend, it would all be bigger than necessary and that all would encompass everything to do with her physical life.

Her determination is the next thing on the list, that’s around the 4 o’clock position, notice that there’s just a lot of hard down strokes. They’re both in the ‘p’ and the ‘t’, you can see it in the ‘f’, ‘y’, ‘g’, basically a little bit of a straight down that is determination, when ink is going down a strong descender.

This is an advanced trait, if you look at Lady Gaga her signature, she has a couple of interesting things. The ‘L’ in Lady underlines her name, that is directly out of the Advanced Home Study Course. It is an advanced primary trait, primary means a single stroke on the paper. Advanced means, it’s not one of the basic 90 traits that we learn in the certification course. So that is called Self-Admiration, that is when someone underlines their name with their own name. We also see a weird triangle in the ‘a’, I see this in architectural handwriting quite a bit. It also kind of has to do with a trait called elaboration. If someone makes up their own alphabet and they create their own strokes and their own unique alphabet you would have to call that elaboration and which of course goes back to the idea of being creative and not beating to the same drum. The triangular shape is a masculine shape, anything that’s triangle usually has a masculine overtone as well as aggressive overtones.

The extra large ego and self-confidence we see in the ‘L’ and the ‘G’, especially compared to the middle zone. The middle zone is not that small by the way, make sure you look at the original size, because her middle zone is a healthy middle zone writing. This indicates a nice big social aptitude and of course we see the writing is spaced all over the page, it’s not tiny as it looks like on the sample with all the arrows.

The o’s are very clear and clean, which means she’s blunt, she’s straight forward, looks like there’s some talkativeness in many of those o’s. It’s difficult to get a measurement of the slant, because of a lot of the writing is a bit of printing and a bit of cursive. So slant is not key element to this analysis.

If you look up a little bit higher, around the 8 o’clock area, you’ll see the temper stroke. She shows it in the word “heart” and “night, so we see it about 2 out of 10, I wouldn’t say she has too big of a temper.

Interesting, the personal pronoun ‘I’ is actually pretty tiny, which is interesting, because of someone had a huge ego, someone who is arrogant, they would have a big personal pronoun ‘I’. They might have arrogance in their “d’s” and “t’s”, but she doesn’t. I think this kind of speaks to her dichotomy between her public ego and her private ego. I remember when I first heard about her, I YouTubed a video of her singing some Led Zeppelin in a bar when she was 19 or 20, she was in a cover band and she was very talented, but very plain. I think it goes back to her having the creativity to create a public persona and you see this big self-confidence in her signature “Lady Gaga”. But then you also see the personal pronoun “I” and average t-bars, which is more of her authentic self-esteem.

She is dynamic, she is creative, and she is bigger than life and all that does show up with the size of her y’s and the size of her signature.

Finally you look up back to the 11 o’clock position and we get back to the size of that ‘y’.
You see triangles, you see openness, you see big and a huge imagination.


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