Pen Company uses Graphology to Sell More Pens. (It’s about time!)

One of the most OBVIOUS cross promotions would be a PEN company using the curiosity of graphology to sell pens.  However, after 30 years of the pen company’s ignoring the graphology community as a viable source of lead generation, one smart company invested into a press release and one long infographic.

Did they do their research correctly?

National Pen Site Shows How Handwriting Reveals Your Personality

National Pen has just launched an infographic titled “What Does Your Handwriting Say About You.” It depicts how handwriting analysis provides insight into a person’s character, energy levels and even health ailments.

A down and dirty guide to the most popular handwriting analysis traits.


  1. Bart, they mean well, but they truly need to take your 301 course. Could we give them a free scholarship? Nothing personal, of course, but they would Greatly benefit from a Handwriting University Certification.

  2. Okay, I was being sarcastic and not nice. Actually, some of the traits above are right on, and others-the Magritte of it, I don’t. I have to say that they are working towards promoting Handwriting Analysis, and that is a good thing. Their Gestalt system is much different than what Bart teaches. Slant is foundational, and traits are stacked to form a whole accurate picture of a Writer’s personality and Caracter.
    I have used Bart’s teaching to provide innumerable 100% accurate analysis’ for people, and have not only helped them, but myself. Thank you Bart, and all those who’ve worked so hard through the Centuries to give us such a great heritage as Handwriting Analysis. Respect to all who love and practice this Science as I do.

  3. Great idea. I liked this presentation of information. How would you adapt this approach when writing in Russian. We have great differences in the writing of the top and bottom of letters.

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