2013 April Live Handwriting Analysis Tutoring Class

This is a unique tele-class that Handwriting University FACULTY hosts each month – just for Silver and Gold Members.
This tele-class will be aimed more towards answering questions that you may have about handwriting analysis and to walk you through analyzing your own handwriting sample. You can also bring up any questions you may have about our home study course. You can upload a handwriting sample right now for the class to analyze. Use this page to upload any sample, now.

Event Information:

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Sample Gallery:

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Upload a handwriting sample here (jpeg, gif, or png).

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Are you Certified Yet?

Submit those 21 test and sit for you exams. You can start the Mastery Program now, but you can’t complete it until you are Certified in the 301 program.



Level 501 Certification Home Study Course

Handwriting University’s Level 501 Mastery Program for 2013

Now Accepting Applications for the Mastery Certification Program !

  • Evaluated Traits & Complex Trait Combining
  • Trauma and Injuries
  • Detecting the Gender of an Unborn Child
  • Advanced Grapho-therapy Through Trait Combining
  • Using Handwriting Analysis in hiring, interviewing, and counseling

Become certified as a Master Level Handwriting Analysts
discover never-before-taught advanced analysis & Grapho-therapy
techniques now available through this new Advanced Course.

You must apply to be part of the Mastery Program. Not all will be accepted.
Mastery Level Certification Course.


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