Day 5 – Irritating Personality Traits

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FEATURE STORY: Emotional Baggage – Are You Too Heavy to Handle? What Your Handwriting Reveals!

Have you ever had someone just walk right out of your life with no explanation at all?

If so, does it still completely mystify you? Do your friends kindly describe you as “intense” or “high-maintenance”? Are you often accused of “trying too hard” or “making a federal case out of everything”? Does the phrase “let it go” make you cringe?

If so, you just might be suffering from “Irritating Personality Disorder.”

Your emotional baggage is too heavy to handle!

An analysis of your own handwriting might help you learn to lighten up. Modern handwriting analysis can be used like a mirror to reveal to you what others already see.

Often times, our “ugly baggage” doesn’t show up until we are emotionally involved with someone we care about.

This hidden emotional baggage can also explain why some people choose to ignore you, not take you seriously, or head for the hills at the very mention of your name. The good news is that by choosing the right self-help tools, you can train your mind to alter the subconscious drives that are the root causes of these destructive patterns.

In handwriting analysis, this practice is called Grapho-therapy — the science of changing your handwriting to change your life. I’m also a trained hypnotherapist and have found the tool of timeline therapy to be very useful for clearing up past root causes, as well.

When it comes to relationships, some people treat a potential soulmate like a porter at an airport. They are always looking for someone to handle their emotional burdens for them as they journey through life. Unfortunately, no matter how big the tip (how rich, attractive, or needy you are), few people you meet in life will be qualified for the job. It’s just too much work!

You must learn to release your emotional baggage and travel light. People with deep-rooted resentment always tend to carry grudges like Olympic torches — the flame just doesn’t go out! People that press super heavily on paper are more likely to hold grudges, but heavy writing is not always a bad trait. Heavy writers tend to be better lovers and achieve more long-term goals that require passion in order to see them through to completion.

If you know someone that emotionally holds on to things for too long, they might have an excess of tenacity. This kind of tenacity is often represented in handwriting that contains t-bars that look like they have sprouted little fishing hooks at their ending points.

Is that chip on your shoulder visible to others? A good way to tell if your resentment is showing is to examine the way you make the initial strokes of your lowercase letters. The strokes are straight and rigid and tend to resemble a straight metal pole leaning in to the next letter. How far down it starts on the page indicates how far in the past the root cause of this anger really is.

Are you sharing too much every time you open your mouth? Take a good look at your lower case o’s. If they are open at the top, it may indicate a tendency to burden others with too much conversation about your issues. Personally, I think the trait of being talkative can be charming and pleasant — if the person has happy things to talk about. But, if you combine a talkative person with a bunch of corrupted “victim” belief systems and anger and resentment… I’d rather they not open their mouth.

Are you so busy convincing others that you can’t be convinced of anything yourself? Look for what we call the “Go To Hell k.” Look at your lowercase k in a word like “monkey.”

This is indicated by a lowercase k that is larger than the other letters or by an unusually large buckle or loop in the upper case of the letter.

People who carry too much emotional baggage tend to share some common personality traits: insecurity, fear, obsessiveness, possessiveness, defiance, talkativeness, inflexibility, rebelliousness, resentment, immaturity, and anxiety.

In almost all cases, people with a severe case of “Irritating Personality Disorder” have major emotional scars that are unresolved. Most of these personality traits will show up in a handwriting sample. Many such traits can be changed using the new science of Grapho-Therapy. The Adult’s 30-Day Workbook will assist you in changing self-esteem, fear of ridicule, sensitivity to criticism, fear of success, fear of failure, anger at the opposite sex, SARCASM, and even resentment.

If you know someone with this “Irritating Personality Disorder,” please buy them one of our books so they can start to make life a little bit easier for you.

You can always learn more from our Home Study Courses about evaluating and combining traits.




Q: I am a recovering alcoholic. People often accuse me of being in denial. Is there anything I can do to change my handwriting that might help me become more honest with myself?

A: Most people lie to themselves to avoid experiencing the emotional pain that facing up to reality might cause. (Example: kids lie to keep a parent from getting angry.) An indicator that you might be doing this is by viewing your lowercase letter o. The inner loops reveal how much secrecy you are keeping from yourself or others.

If your little o’s contain two inner loops that touch, this indicates that you are lying to other people in addition to holding some self-deceit. Getting rid of the dual loops will make you brutally honest. Can you handle the truth? The truth may set you free, but it might irritate those around you. (Remember Jim Carrey in the movie Liar! Liar!? Telling the truth all the time can get you in big trouble.)

You can see images of these traits here:


Q: I have always thought I was a bit psychic. Is there anything in a person’s handwriting that might indicate special extra-sensory abilities?

A: People who are intuitive show breaks between letters in their cursive handwriting. Handwriting that is part printed, part cursive, is also thought to indicate a strong sixth sense.

However, there is a fine line between “psycho” and “psychic.” Sometimes sociopaths and manipulators also display this trait. .

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“Irritating Personality Traits Revealed”

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DAY 6:  Doing your first in person analysis:

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  1. I really liked this trait stacking. Does the 301 course deal with this or does one has to wait for course 501?

  2. This is really very interesting lesson compared to the previous ones looking at secrecy and self deceit…. I just wish everybody gets access to this course and the world would be so wonderful to live in.

    Thanks Bart


  3. I don’t have any of these except talkative and it’s in less than half of my letters. The truth is, I’m not that talkative with some people…others I am and it depends on the situation. I don’t have any of the traits from hell…YAY!!!!

  4. Very interesting lecture. My A’s are open and I am a talker. What was really interesting is when I tried to close them, they looked ugly, and felt unnatural. Much easier to change my T’s. Unfortunately, it looks like a psychiatrist will be needed to change my A’s. lol

  5. Good information to generate interest.

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