Day 6 – Doing Live Analysis

Listen to the audio intro above. Then scroll down for a short lesson, a two-part video lesson, and reference Grapho-deck cards, handwriting samples and video segments taken directly from our live seminar. I’ve also included a “metaphors” diagram (on the bonus video page), which was previously only available in our advanced seminar video DVD series. Enjoy.

-Bart Baggett



One thing many handwriting experts neglect to learn is how to tell someone they have a negative personality trait in a way they can understand and relate to.

Would you tell your best friend he has low self-esteem? How about a fear of success? Probably not so directly. It’s not the best way to keep friends or make new ones.

I’d like to invite you to watch this unreleased video segment recorded live in India and follow along as I explain how to describe personality traits using metaphors. Before you watch the video below…here are a few examples of common negative personality traits that are difficult to put across in a direct manner.

Instead of telling your mother she is argumentative…you’d be better off suggesting she’d argue with a telephone pole. This way you’ll get a laugh while still making your point about the trait you see in her handwriting.





(See Part 2 of this video inside the Level 301 online course)



See if you can think of metaphors for the negative personality traits below, then read the ones we’ve come up with.

Try to match these metaphors to the personality traits above…


“You hold your emotions in, but often one word can spark an emotional blow up.”

“You like to keep projects going and feel a sense of loss when a project is over.”

“You run out to the curb with the garbage…right as the trash truck pulls up in the morning.”

“If someone were to ask you your age…you might not tell them.”

“You can’t help but honk or yell at an ignorant driver who cut you off in traffic.”

“You leave important tasks to the last minute and barely get them done on time.”

“Do you have a collection of unfinished projects in your garage or on your desk?”

“If I told you something in confidence…I could count on you to keep it to yourself and not tell everyone what I said.”




This video was recorded live in India at a Handwriting University International Seminar.

In it, Bart Baggett reveals how to give a great live verbal analysis. Watch the bonus section below about  metaphors and saying the right words at the right time.




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Metaphors: Part 2Painting Pictures With Words!This newsletter article and video by Bart Baggett explains how to express personality traits by painting pictures with your words and includes another video lesson.

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