Video: 3 Ways To Spot a Bad Temper (Advanced Trait Stacking)

Everyone agrees that a “bad temper” is a personality trait nobody wants to own or experience.

However, because it is so “despised”, people who have a bad temper have found ways to disguise it so the unsuspecting wife, girlfriend, or employer doesn’t know about it until the proverbial s&@t hits the fan (to use an American metaphor).

If you’ve studied basic handwriting analysis, you might already be familiar with the accurate and easy-to-spot PRIMARY trait called Temper, as shown in the beginner’s Grapho-Deck Flash cards and all the basic courses.

However, people can have the trait of “Bad Temper” but not have the t-bar stroke (as revealed in the primary trait).

This is when you must discover the fine art of trait stacking, as shown in this short video clip below from the Advanced 501 Mastery Course, by Bart Baggett ( President of Handwriting University and Author of the 501 Mastery Course).

This video clip recorded live in India as part of the Level 501 Advanced Mastery Course.
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  1. Really cool video! I was thinking about temper over the last month, and how I’ve experienced it’s manifestation towards me through others, and how I’ve manifested it towards others and outside stimuli. Temper is a very unpleasant trait in both giving and receiving of it. Frankly, I hate it, but I’ve learned to look for it’s causes-past and present. Also, I’ve learn to search for the triggers that ignite temper reactions in myself and others, as well as means to overcome it.

    Humorously, when I first experimented with Grapho Therapy while completing my 101 class, I mistakenly practiced forming the Temper Stroke believing it to be enthusiasm! Well, I became enthusiastic, but not in the way I had hoped! My temper became much more pronounced and I characteristic outbursts from me began to alarm my housemates, and even myself. So, after conferring with others as to the nature and timing of my outbursts. So, I went back and discovered, and corrected my mistake! Glad I caught it. This adventure in Grapho Therapy taught me clearly, and without a doubt, of the dramatic, and powerful effects of Grapho Therapy! I was skeptical before this escapade.

    Since beginning the level 301 I’ve had the displeasure of experiencing Temper in others, after seeing it in their handwriting, but I’m overjoyed to have noticed it in their handwriting. Seeing the strokes has kept me from being caught off guard.
    One of my associates has Sarcasm with their temper, which is a MEAN TEMPER, and after noticing this, I asked God, non vocally while alone, (if you can accept this) what these two traits mixed would be like, as opposed to just Temper alone. Well, as the old saying goes, “be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it!” Yes indeed, I got it! My answer came in episodes of this person directing their temper at me with a lot of sneering venom mixed in! There was no mistaking the thoughts and feeling behind this persons temper outbursts. I got the message loud and clear. So much so that I’ve told God that I’m more that satisfied and don’t need any more demonstrations regarding this trait combination. Oddly enough, it has subsided.

    I can tell you with concrete assurance that every time I’ve seen temper in a person’s handwriting, it has been accurate 100% of the time. Everyone needs to take the 301 level course-you won’t be sorry!

  2. Fascinating how a handstroke can change an emotion.

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