MP3 & Video: "Nothing Nice to Say" : Using Metaphors in Handwriting Analysis

One thing many handwriting experts neglect to learn is how to tell someone else that they have a negative personality trait in a way that person can understand and relate to.

Would you tell your best friend he has low self-esteem? How about a fear of success? Probably not so directly and it’s not the best way to keep friends or make new ones.

I’d like to invite you to watch this unreleased video segment recorded live in India and follow along as I explain how to describe personality traits using metaphors.

What I found on my hard drive SHOCKED me.  MP3 download here.

This was the first 44 minutes of a three day seminar on Success Secrets
recorded Live in Bangalore during December 2004. Here is your first lecture… which is just full of the best tips on thinking
in affluence, speaking in powerful language, and re-thinking your way
to more success and happiness in life.