What I found on my hard drive SHOCKED me. MP3 download here.

I was walking along the Miami Airport recently and
began to flip through my iPhone looking for some
intelligent lectures to listen to during my layover
back to Los Angeles.

I had already listened to all my favorite audio lectures
and was wishing there was an instant way to hear
“never-before-released lectures” of my favorite authors.

It occurred to me that most of my students & fans around
the world do not have my lectures and seminars
on their iPod  or iPhone, at the push of the button.

I’ve been selfish with my MP3 downloads.

Why?  My fault.  I’ve only published about 30 hours of
DVDS and CDS… but most of my lectures are even available
on  iTunes or Audible and I haven’t made them
one click away to install on your MP3 player.

That is changing now.

So, today I searched through many of my hard drives
to locate some MP3 lectures which you might enjoy
hearing on topics which might be fresh and different
than the standard newsletter content.

What I found shocked me!  I have over 40 hours of never-before
published lectures which were recorded from my hip and lavalier microphone
during miscellaneous lectures I gave from 2002-2010.

Wow!  I have tons of lectures on everything from language
for raising kids, self-talk, N.L.P., hypnosis techniques that work,
affluent thinking, self-esteem, rapport, time-management, leadership,
The Secret, movies,  and of course some handwriting analysis discussions.

So, what I’ve decided is to release some of these lectures to my
customer email list for a limited time… so you can listen to some
inspirational and interesting conversations anytime you have your
smartphone or MP3 player near.

Since you cannot purchase these lectures separately, and most have never
been published… take a minute to open your email and download
them during the week they are released.  Once I remove the MP3
from the server, I will not repost it.  So, watch your email and open
and download.

Here is your first lecture… which is just full of the best tips on thinking
in affluence, speaking in powerful language, and re-thinking your way
to more success and happiness in life.

This was the first 44 minutes of a three day seminar on Success Secrets
recorded live in Bangalore during December 2004.

Bart Baggett – Live!
Recorded in Bangalore, India on December 24, 2004.
Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy Habits and Neuron-Conditioning.

• Areas of self-esteem.
• R.A.S (Reticular Activating System.)
• How your brain filters out information automatically (costing you success.)
• What is N.L.P and how does it help you change your life?
• How Bart mentally thought himself into his first movie role.
• How to overcome fears and phobias.
• The secrets to manifesting all of your heart’s desire.
• The basis of Grapho-Therapy.
• What gets wired together, get’s fired together.

• The power of language and linguistics in your own self-talk.
• How language can keep your kids from falling from trees.
• How to use language to improve the success of your kids.
• The power of the word “try” and why you should not use it ever again.
• How to make people like you; the process of building rapport.
• When Bart met Merv Griffin and shared stories about Ronald Reagan.
• How to think bigger, achieve more.

This never-before-released recording is a slice of 46
minutes of a “Success Secrets” seminar which covers
many aspects of NLP, Grapho-therapy, and language
to assist you in changing  your thought process to attract
more of what you want in life.

This file will be at this link for just one week, download it today. Fee  $0.

44 Minute File. Download Here.  (Right click to Save or Click to open in new window.)

If you like the seminar, please download the kindle book or order the paperback
from Amazon.com and leave a positive review.



http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007AK0C0Q  (Handwriting 101 course.)


  1. seriously, u are amazing sir!! its very generous of you 🙂

  2. Lahna Harris said, “I would pay for this. Why give it away. Great Lecture.”

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