Is this guy a total kook?

Sometimes you can glean volumes of information from just a few words on the back of a restaurant receipt. In the handwriting sample below of a scanned dinner napkin, Audrey shows the world his mental patterns, his talkativeness, and his two biggest fears: both success and failure. This unusual dual characteristic leaves him paralyzed between the two fears, creating an overwhelming feeling of being STUCK and often unable to achieve anything in life. I had never met him before he wrote on this napkin — but like you will soon learn, just a few scribbles on a napkin can reveal more than most therapy sessions reveal! Now, I’ve recorded some additional thoughts so you can listen as I describe the words I would use when giving a verbal analysis on the writing below. Put your headphones on and press play if you have time to listen while you read.

Our Astrological Nomad: Audrey – Napkin show with no notes of my own. Listen to the audio clip and follow along while looking at the handwriting sample. Once the audio is complete, you can click the image below to reveal Bart’s notes.

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The down turned y tells us the general storyline of his past forty years. He “almost” made it. He “got real close” until something tragic happened. And, he never quite stepped up to the plate to go for the real gusto in life, because his self-esteem was low. If you don’t think you really deserve love, success, or abundance, you usually don’t take the risks necessary to create it. And, if it falls in your lap, you often sabotage it because reality doesn’t match your self-image. Now, the good news for you and ANYONE you ever meet with either of these two fears is that they can change. My two suggestions for self-improvement through grapho-therapy are quite simple.

1) Turn the tail of the y up through the baseline, and the tendency to “stop projects before they are complete” will slowly be erased. This is one trait that most people never really change because inherent in the trait is the tendency not to finish things.

2) The second tip is to cross the t-bar much higher on the stem. I can’t say this will absolutely boost anyone’s esteem, but by consistently practicing, a new, “more useful” neuro pathway will be drawn in the brain — and this pathway will be stimulated when esteem decisions come up.

His mal-formed m and n humps make me question his intellect, education, and even his ability to focus. This guy is A.D.D. if I ever saw it. If you are wondering if he does drugs… well, let’s just say at age 60+, he never left the 60s with his ganja habit. Just think, in only five words your grapho-therapy suggestions could change a life.


Class Information: This class just like the “In the Mind of a Comedian,” was favored by many. Hosted by Bart Baggett and Alison Bradley, it contains full handwriting samples from evil, strange, and bizarre criminals. Watch and follow along as Bart, Alison, and students analyze handwriting samples from Russell Williams, Paul Bernardo, Karla Homolka, and Joshua Komisarjevsky.
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