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Handwriting Analysis of Rush Limbaugh

First, the nature of the situation surrounding this handwriting sample cannot be ignored. Rush gets his bottle of “Viagra” confiscated at customs. For a bona fide celebrity and moral pundit, this is ironic and funny.

However, handwriting analysis is not about the irony of the circumstance, but our purpose is to utilize the handwriting to gain insight into the character, personality, and motivations of the individual. If a person’s public actions confirms or denies these character traits… then it is a useful fact check.

I know like many people nowadays, you probably want to scream “Stop! Not another word about Charlie Sheen”. Believe me, I hear ya loud and clear! But guess what. As graphologists, we’ve got the opportunity to see two of Sheen’s writings written about 20 years apart.

Sometimes you can glean volumes of information from just a few words on the back of a restaurant receipt. In the handwriting sample below of a scanned dinner napkin… Audrey shows the world his mental patterns, his talkativeness, and his two biggest fears: success and failure. This unusual dual characteristic will leave him paralyzed between the two fears… creating an overwhelming feeling of being STUCK… and often unable to achieve anything in life. Before he wrote on this napkin, I had never met his before…but like you will soon learn, just a few scribbles on a napkin can reveal more than most therapy sessions reveal!