Donald Trump Handwriting Analysis

What does Donald’s Trump handwriting reveal about his character?  Handwriting Expert Bart Baggett has recorded an extensive in-depth personality profile inside this video originally published before the election in 2016. The author is neither a Republican or Democrat.

Trump: A Madman orGenius?

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trump.contract.argumentativeKey Traits discussed in the Video
Hyper Analytical Mind
Critical Thinking Skills
Sensitivity to Criticism
High Self-Esteem
Block Printing




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  1. Whilst l agree with that masterful analysis, l am bothered by the word ‘genius’. By no stretch of the imagination can l put Trump alongside Einstein, Galileo, Mozart, Da Vinci, Wittgenstein and Goethe, to name a few historical luminaries.
    Many people listening to the analysis will not put their mind past that word, so l think it needs qualification.

  2. Bart, thank you for this analysis because I was wondering about the candidates in the primary election for President. this has helped me decide which way I am going to vote. I just needed some extra insight and you gave that. Great video!

  3. Really thankful for this analysis, Bart. I was wondering about the sharpness in Mr. Trump’s signature, especially how the ‘P’ seems to retrace and cover the letter before it.
    Contrasting the sharpness of his current signature with the shy backhand of his youthful signature gives a fascinating insight into his personality, and seems to affirm the statements of his closest friends and family that he is a sensitive guy (even if a genius!) Thanks again for a fun, fast analysis.

  4. Very interesting, thank you!

  5. I’m wondering about truthfulness and secrecy.

  6. Excellent, excellent analysis! I rate it excellent because it agrees with my analysis. I would like to see your analysis on Hillary, yet I understand if you avoid offering that analysis to the public. I am thinking that I may find an analysis of her handwriting in Europe. Now that most of my Graphology teachers in Europe have died, I do not have the contacts that I once did.

  7. Yes, this is the same thing I came up with. I have been certified for 20 years. I can’t believe I didn’t look at this before. I was anti-trump. Not anymore.

  8. His writing says he will fib when it benefits the deal. You can see this in the pierced “o”s . However, this also means he can’t keep a secret. So he doesn’t have big scandalous secrets that will come out later. Though he may “change his mind” about stuff.

  9. great job…I learned a lot. I am a sane person, so I hate Trump. Now that he won, from a poli-sci perspective, it’ll be interesting to see how he gets around the facts that most of what he said he’s going to do is either very difficult, impossible or offensive and scary.

  10. The angularity shows he’s an anger-addict.. just who we need with the finger on the button. And the pastocity indicates a hedonist. Angularity in the lower zone indicates sexual anger at women, well demonstrated in his life til now. Middle zone letters that extend into the lower zone indicates a preoccupation with sex. I predict more sex scandals in his future. He may out-do Bill Clinton. All middle zone with very little upper or lower zone indicates total self-absorbtion, not much imagination or principles. His run for the presidency is all about Making Trump Great Again. I vote: smart sociopath. I hope I’m wrong.

  11. Trump signature is a mirror of Heinrich Himmler’s….Himmler was not a genius, and we know for sure he was a psychopath mass murderer….Trump has Mein Kampf on his bedside table…could he have mimicked Himmler’s signature just because he espoused his ideas or style??

  12. Loved this analysis…especially the measured, light-hearted (almost self-deprecating) brilliance of the narrator. I’m no handwriting analyst, but this resonates with what I intuit about Trump and his signature. I don’t discount the Himmler/Hitler comparisons also, but we all have to guard against our own biases calling the other’s evil (don’t we?).

  13. I love our new (and REAL AMERICAN) President! I have always perceived him as a humble man with a tough approach for success! He will more than likely be the BEST President in U.S. History who saved us from the hellhole of the New World Order of communist control. We just scraped through 8 years of a CIA/Plant who was hell bent on destroying America. God Blessed America AGAIN! Thanks for your analysis!

  14. Happy to tell you – very wrong! Nothing short of DIVINE intervention brought Mr. Trump to “THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE”….now that he IS our President, he repeatedly has stated the country is being returned to THE PEOPLE. GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  15. Thank you for your analysis, it was better than the video guy’s.

  16. I’ve read this about Trump before. While everyone else is playing checkers, he is playing Chess. So of course, a large swath of the public are just too ignorant — and who can’t imagine how boring and stifling and horrendous communism really is, which is what we were on the brink of — to recognize Trump’s genius. This video confirmed it for me. The man is delivering. I say a prayer for the God Emperor first thing every morning. Long Live Donald Trump!

  17. I disagree that he’s a genius . . that’s glorifying abusive, dominant, narcissistic types.

  18. Yea I’m piping up here. I’m not certified but I have all the text books. My dad’s certified and I bathroom read the whole series of text books and now I don’t read handwriting anymore. Just look at character traits and there’s a couple things I’d like to mention about this video.

    The analytical thinking in his signature indicates quick thinking which is why he “appears” to be smart. The problem is he doesn’t take the time to gather enough information which is why he’s flat out wrong all the time! He’s not a genius. He just comes to a conclusions fast. Anyone can blurt out an answer fast. Watch how fast I am What’s 143 x 57? ZEBRA! Got the answer right away. If I were Trump I would then use my argumentativeness to explain why I’m right. It doesn’t make it so.

    It’s smudged in there but there’s an awful lot of deceit in his handwriting. Self deceit. Also considering there’s a handful of snippets to sample from, there is an alarming lack of diplomacy. Which in my mind, should be a main trait for a diplomat. So lets combine someone who lies to himself, makes a quick decision and decides on it. He’s now determined and stubborn and argumentative about it. How can you argue with someone who doesn’t pull facts from realty but rather uses lies from his imagination, and believes them!?!?!?

    This guy is flat out delusional and needs help. I’m not trying to be funny here either. But hey!… I’m no expert.

  19. Divine intervention did not bring Trump to become President. The people who were delusional and followed only falsities, put him in the White House. The real intervention has yet to happen and when it does, the divine will bring Donald Trump to his end. Trump will fall from grace and live out his remaining life in pure embarrassment and disgrace!

  20. That is NOT what we are discussing here. This is graphology, you moron.

  21. He’s nowhere near genius, he’s just not smart enough to know it. He’s evil and self-serving!

  22. Thank you very much for posting your analysis. we were very interested in what you would have to say.

  23. Fair analysis? Yes. Detailed and analytical? Yes. Good presentation? Yes., and and, thank you. You answered all my questions.

  24. I believe youre wrong and i truly believe you are a biased partisan democrat!

  25. Really? I posted this less than a month ago that Donald Trump makes up stuff in his head and tells it as if it happened. Two weeks later he’s talking about terrorism in Sweden that never happened and now he’s justifying his remarks with his argumentativeness. I’d say I hit it out of the park with my assessment!!!

    If you don’t want to believe me, that’s fine. If you go to a doctor and they show you an MRI of a tumor and say it’s cancerous. you can choose not to believe them I suppose. I don’t think that makes it go away. But if you want to know more about self deceit, the IGAS text books, Lesson 7 assignment 1 can teach you what I know and you can see it for yourself in DT’s writing. Believe it or not from there.

  26. I’m trying to find someone who can give an unbiased, legitimate handwriting analysis. Someone who doesn’t already hate the man and won’t use their opinion of him to analyse his writing. Does anyone know of an institute or a professional who does that? I think it would be interesting to see a true analysis

  27. I think mines unbiased, but you can contact any certified graphoanalyst and send in the samples of DJT’s handwriting and ask for a character trait profile. They used to be $90 to get one done. You need at least 100 samples (words) to get an accurate character trait profile.

  28. Interesting that you term Trump a ‘genius’ when he can’t seem to use words longer than 5 letters. I’m not bashing you – I’m writing this 4 months after the election which is all the time it took me to realize we are in serious trouble. It Trump IS a genius, he hides it well.

  29. any DNA evidence?

  30. funny how people still think that Vladimir Putin is a communist – or that Donald Trump believes in democracy.

  31. We’d all love to see it, when you get it.

  32. Ha! Should one dare offer an accurate analysis of Hillary they might need to have an up-to-date will handy.

  33. What Bagget also leaves out is Donald’s infinite penchant for cruelty, clubbing his way around life, and enjoying the cruelty. He’d probably derive joy out of clubbing a baby harp seal, except that he’s a germophobe..

  34. This is an interesting comment to me because the first time I saw his signature, I immediately thought it smacked of Old German script (e.g. Kurrent) with its very sharp angular lettering. I suppose he could have copied Himmler or someone else’s style, but I’m not certain what this necessarily says about Donald Trump’s personality as compared to whoever he may have been emulating. I guess, in my mind at least, it is kind of hard to make a comparison to someone such as Himmler who was of a generation where this type of writing was in common usage and was taught to all German school children. Other than the latin H that he uses in his first initial and last name, Himmler’s signature is classic old German cursive script. As someone who can read/write in Kurrent, I find Himmler’s signature FAR more clean and legible than Donald Trump’s signature. Other than the angularity, I see almost no resemblance between the two. Himmler’s signature is quite clean, controlled, and in fairly normal looking script writing whereas Donald Trump’s looks like a big angry and aggressive mess.

  35. Troll farms pay in Bitcoin.

  36. Does your “God Emperor” have clothes!??

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