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LAS VEGAS, NV (PRWEB) July 28, 2009 – According to the recent USA Today article, more companies turn to furloughs to save money and jobs; “to curtail costs while avoiding the strain of layoffs.” While some employees view a furlough as an unpaid vacation, others are using the free time to visit Las Vegas this August to become a certified handwriting expert and start earning extra part-time work-at-home income.

As companies adapt to the economy, their employees are being forced to find creative, innovative ways to keep dinner on the table. Once thought unconventional, many opportunities exist in the world of handwriting analysis for the entrepreneur.

“I’ve watched a profitable career path blossom out of what many people used to view as a hobby, or a party trick,” according to Bart Baggett, author of the best-selling home study course “Handwriting Analysis Certification Course” (Handwriting University, $990), and certified handwriting analyst who founded Handwriting University in 1995.

On August 6-8, 2009 in Las Vegas, Baggett’s International Handwriting Analysis Conference will certify a record number of handwriting analysts. Then, Baggett will travel to his campus in Bangalore, India to personally certify another 120 graduates who will be attending his events in India

Bart Baggett, President

Handwriting Experts who develop their skills can increase their income in many areas, from Human Resources (job candidate selection), jury selection, cruise ship lecturer, relationship counseling, convention entertainment, some even choose additional training in Forensic Document Examination (to help law enforcement officials & attorneys build their cases through handwriting analysis of suicide and ransom notes and in cases questioning the validity of a last will and testament, listing of beneficiaries, etc.). There are two main industries where students can earn a living consulting on handwriting. 1. Personality profiling 2. Forensic Document Examination.

“Ten years ago a structured curriculum for Forensic Handwriting Analysis training didn’t even exist,” adds Baggett, a popular guest on such shows as CNN’s Larry King Live and Paula Zhan. “The doors for people to make $1,000 an hour or more analyzing handwriting have been blown wide open.”

“There are speaking opportunities all over the world for Certified Analysts. Our campus in Taiwan only certified 12 individuals last year, but is a great part-time business for the franchise owner Ms. Chou Wen-Chuan Handwriting University Taiwan.

For people interested in exploring handwriting analysis as a full or part-time career path, Baggett recommends attending his annual event in Las Vegas:

2009 International Handwriting Analysis Conference
August 6-8, 2009
Clarion Hotel and Suites – Emerald Springs, Las Vegas, NV
Call for tickets. Limited Supply. 1-800-398-2278

After graduating from Pepperdine University, Bart Baggett turned his attention to writing, speaking and building an internationally acclaimed handwriting analysis training institute, called Handwriting University International. He is often seen in the national media to comment on top news stories involving handwriting such as the BKK killer, Anthrax letters, JonBenet Ramsey and the Zodiac murders. Most viewers recognize him from the Today Show, America’s Most Wanted, and CNN’s Larry King Live. Baggett began testifying in court during the 1990’s and remains a frequent qualified expert witness in courtrooms in California and the Southwest. Currently, Baggett, who resides in Los Angeles, splits his time between teaching students via his online distance learning school and working with clients and attorneys as an expert witness.

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Baggett concludes, “handwriting is really brain-writing, projecting both the legal identity of the writer and the unconscious personality on paper. It instantly identifies traits like dishonesty and jealousy, as well as the traits you want in your mate, like flexibility, open-mindedness, and generosity.” He encourages those intrigued about graphology to discover more about this fascinating science and its development into a career at the 2009 International Handwriting Analysis Conference.

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