Month 2: 5+ Hours of Audio MP3 – The Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy Series

Here are the Member's Only Silver and Gold Member bonus lessons for month 2 which includes 4 chapters of the audio Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy and 3 hours of live tele-class and/or seminar lecture by Bart Baggett. Make sure you download all the PDF files and Audio files into 1 folder on your hard drive so you can reference the proper printed chapter along with the audio, where needed.

EVENT: Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy.
This is a two part event which includes chapters 1-4 audio book, read by the author
and two tele-class mp3 recordings discussing those chapters.  The Success of the Rich and Happy is NOT published in audio book format, as the author has not completed all 14 chapters. So, this bonus is really special.  A pre-publication member bonus.The entire book is now available on the Kindle (at and in paperback or PDF format from our website.


Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy Book

Rich and Happy Book . Success Principles. Values and Life Purpose.
Hosted by Bart Baggett

FORMAT: mp3 download of selected book chapters now (before class) and/or download chapters PDF format.

Teleclass #1 in the series:  Chapter 1 & 2 . Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy.<a
TIME: 1 hour. Topics:  Your Deepest Values and Purpose in Life.
This class covers chapter 1 and 2.

Bonus Audio File: Recorded in 2005 … Awesome Teleclass on finding your purpose in life:

Teleclass #2 in the series:

TIME: 1 hour. Topics:  Belief Systems.
This class covers chapter 3 & 4.

Chapter 1 Audio Book:  click here / chapter 1 mp3
Chapter 1 audio is now available here… The audio starts at page 7, sorry, we are missing audio pages 1-6, for now.
Chapter 2 Audio Book: click here / chapter 2 mp3
Chapter 3 Audio Book: click here
/ chapter 3 mp3
Chapter 4 Audio Book : click here/ chapter 4 mp3


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PDF Files of select chapters of the actual book:


Bonus Audio:  Handwriting Traits of the Rich & Happy.
FORMAT: mp3 lecture – recorded live at the Certification Course Lectures (Circa 2003)
TO DOWNLOAD the mp3 file of this lecture:  There is no PDF file with this audio, refer to the book.

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  1. I just received “The Grapho-Deck Handwriting Trait Cards. It’s a great product. The cards are matte finish and very easy to read and clear. It makes learning graphology easier. Thanks Bart.

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