Video Handwriting Analysis of the Month: Jerri 2 of 2

This month’s “Handwriting Analysis Interview” has arrived. Please give yourself some time to review the handwriting samples shown on yesterday’s post before you watch today’s interview video. If you are a student or expert in handwriting analysis, you will learn more by viewing the handwriting samples and answering the questions first.

If you’re ready, then let’s meet Jerri Newsome.

Video Interview:

Jerri “Cat” Newsome – Questions for the Handwriting Analysis student

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, describe her self-esteem and how it affects her success in life?
2. Do you feel she would be revengeful if her relationship went south?
3. Is her temper controlled, out-of-control, or non-existent?
4. What are her biggest fears or defenses, and how do they affect her success in life?
5. How would her best friend describe her? (Examples: defiant, kind-hearted, generous, defensive, stubborn, cruel, mean-spirited, playful…)
6. What is her level of intelligence? Book smart or street smart?
7. What grapho-therapy suggestions would you make to Jerri in order to improve her life?
8. Describe her relationship with men and how this affects her ability to choose a competent partner.
9. Are her mood and emotional temperament even-keeled, moody, or unpredictable?
10. Would she describe herself as bitchy or kind-hearted or neither?
11. Is she paranoid or distrusting of men?


Jerri “Cat” Newsome – Print Handwriting Sample 1

Jerri “Cat” Newsome – Print Handwriting Sample 2



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  1. How did everyone do?, do you feel that you were able to make an accurate personality profile? How many questions did you get right?

  2. Yikes! I didn’t see a big temper at all! And that sounds as if it is a major defense that she has developed!

    I also totally missed the problems she had with her father and with anger toward men in general.

    She says her self-respect, on a 1-10 scale, is a 7, and I guessed a 5 because of the middle-stem t-bar.

    I can, however, see that she is, at this time in her life, feeling unclear about how to get to goals (uneven baseline) and about boundaries (some letters crowded up against others).

    My impression of the hw was that it was more soft than sharp, and my guess is that in general, she hasn’t found her “stand” in life yet. By this I mean self-discipline, clear higher-ground ethics (as opposed to just reacting to circumstances).

    Despite her self-described temper, I still see her as being, overall, more of a sweet person than a sharp-edged one. I am wondering if the temper is part of merely reacting rather than thinking first and coming from a clear ethical stand?

  3. Looking over her handwriting I immediately picked up the moodiness (multiple slants) and her high intensity level. The sloppiness in the handwriting I attributed to her having poor health, both physically and mentally.

    She’s a “closet optimist”, generous of herself, and has a good sense of humor. However, her deep resentment towards men in general, coupled with an overall temper, makes her someone not to cross.

    I’m speculating here, but she probably starts off very kind and open in the beginning of her relationships. As time goes on, and that voice in her head reminds her of her past, she more than likely shows her negative side. Plus, I saw she has a hard time trusting people and believes others are judging her. So when she actually confirmed it I wasn’t surprised.

    What I was surprised about is she actually said she is bitchy. Stacking some of the traits I thought she would have said kind-hearted initially. It would have fit her communication profile more accurately. But she came right out with it. Then again, she is blunt when she communicates with others.

    Bart’s right about eliminating the sugar from her diet. Plus, I’d suggest beginning an exercise program, or running, to offset her need for physicality.

    Also, noticed a large amount of small hooks appearing throughout her writing at the beginning of the words. She’s looking to get something materialistic.

    One more thing, I wouldn’t believe anything she says. Definitely talking out of both sides of her mouth. She may be open, blunt or honest, but she doesn’t normally initially mean what she says.

  4. Wow…that was not what I expected….paranoid? I guess when someone normally prints that type of loop could be paranoia…I thought the trait is a large loop in a d. I didn’t see any stingers in her printing….temper….hmmm I guess that one t extends further right . I’m such a beginner!

  5. I could not get the video to work, so I am just commenting on her sample and the few replies that were posted. I can see why this was a tricky one. Some traits were somewhat disquised fairly well. This sample took a keener eye to pick up on those traits that weren’t very obvious. The overall inconsistency to her script shows an instability. Her larger ‘K’ of course shows defiance. Her incomplete lower strokes ,(one actually a guilt/claw) makes her life a constant struggle with deep rooted insecurity. To complicate matters, she has the looped ‘d’ representing her physical insecurity.The lack of red flag anger strokes we typically see are missing, so the anger was more interpreted in stacking traits .Her street smarts give her an edge of wit and attitude. We are complicated beings and she is an example most definitely.

  6. Guess I did as well as anyone here in describing this young lady. However I didn’t see any balloon looped l’s denoting paranoia but she definitely said she was paranoid thinking people are talking behind her back.
    The sugar thing and moodiness should have been a flashing light for me but I honestly didn’t pick up on it. Not being mean here but because of her sized she might even be a diabetic and has to be very careful with eating sweets.
    Bart sure is observant both visually speaking (handwriting of course) and knowing how to ask good questions in a delightful manner.

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