Video Handwriting Analysis of the Month: Jerri 1 of 2

This month’s “Handwriting Analysis Interview” has arrived, as part of the in-depth learning techniques taught by the Founder of Handwriting University, Bart Baggett. You need some prior knowledge of the Primary Traits in graphology to really get the full benefit of these interviews — but do the best you can whether you are a beginner or ten-year veteran analyst.

Today’s handwriting sample is from Jerri “Cat” Newsome. This is a great handwriting sample with some challenging questions.

First, you must analyze the handwriting and do your best to answer the questions based on your skill level of handwriting analysis. If you own the Level 101, 201, and 301 courses from Handwriting University, you will be able to get most of these questions right. However, there are some about which you might be forced to make an educated guess. Some of the questions are odd, and not all the questions can be answered through handwriting analysis, but hey, why not ask anyway… just for fun! Scroll down and don’t watch the Video Reveal until you have worked on the questions all by yourself. (It’s like a math test… Don’t cheat!)

Below are her known handwriting samples. We asked her to write both cursive and printing, but as you’ll see, both samples are actually in print. Click on the images to see the full-size, higher resolution sample in your browser or right-click and select “Save” to download and print. Scroll down to answer the questions — and do not watch the video interview until you have exhausted all your handwriting knowledge in giving a proper personality profile. Then, leave your comments at the bottom of this article so others can agree or disagree! Come back tomorrow and view the two-part video interview hosted by Bart Baggett.

Jerri “Cat” Newsome Print Handwriting Sample 1

Jerri “Cat” Newsome Print Handwriting Sample 2

Jerri Newsome – Questions for the Handwriting Analysis Student

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, describe her self-esteem and how this affects her success in life?
2. Do you feel she would be revengeful if her relationship goes south?
3. Is her temper controlled, out-of-control, or non-existent?
4. What are her biggest fears or defenses, and how do they affect her success in life?
5. How would her best friend describe her? (Examples: defiant, kind hearted, generous, defensive, stubborn, cruel, mean-spirited, playful…)
6. What is her level of intelligence? Book smart or street smart?
7. What grapho-therapy suggestions would you suggest Jerri make in order to improve her life?
8. Describe her relationship with men and how this affects her ability to choose a competent partner?
9. Is her mood/emotional temperament even keeled, moody, or unpredictable?
10. Would she describe herself as bitchy or kind-hearted or neither?
11. Is she paranoid or distrusting of men?

Are you ready to meet Jeri?  Click here to see the video interview and get the answers directly from her.

Play the video of the person who's writing I am looking at now.
Play the video of the person whose writing I am looking at now.
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  1. I think her self-esteems is very questionable. She’s moody, emotionally disconnected, has anger and resentment. I think there’s sexual dysfunction, and believe this may have something to do with her resentment. I think her mood swings back and forth and believe she has had cultural advantages: ergo, educated but with strong need to have a reality check. Defiant, defensive, manipulative and good at presenting herself as she thinks people expect at that moment, though fighting not to lose control. I think she sees herself more as bitchy, but in a kickass, don’t-mess-with-me-or-you’ll-be-sorry way.

  2. Self-esteem is probably a 5 on a scale of 1-10 (t-bars halfway up the stem; PPI leaning backward, suggesting a reluctance, for some reason, to put herself forward).

    Vengefulness and temper: Her hw looks more rounded than sharp to me, so I am thinking she is probably not given to rage or vengefulness. Yet some of her “o’s” have stinger formations, so possibly some kind of sarcasm possible in her communications?

    Fears and defenses: the variable slant, uneven baselines, and some wide spacing between words makes me think that she doesn’t know, at this time in her life, whether to show her feelings or not, whether to get close to people or not, and how to proceed directly toward her goals. So one fear might be that she doesn’t know quite who she is or what she stands for, and her defense may be to move back and forth between this way and that way of responding to life. She may not take a stand on things.

    A friend of hers might say that she’s willing to please, but isn’t quite sure how far to go to do so; that she needs nurturing (incomplete lz loops) yet also likes being alone, or maybe being alone is a form of defense (lz stick formations). The friend might say also that she’s an intuitive and cumulative thinker who prefers to build ideas up a brick at a time (mostly rounded m’s and n’s). Also, that she sometimes doesn’t observe boundaries (some letters crowd up against the ones next to them).

    Probably moody at this time (uneven baselines, variable spacing between words and letters).

    Bitchy or kindhearted? The stingers in the o’s make me think she might be capable, as I said above, of sarcasm, yet the overall mostly rounded appearance of the hw suggests that her tendency is more toward being soft than sharp.

    Resentment of or distrust toward men? Hm. I don’t know where to look for signs of these.

    Graphotherapy suggestions: raise the t-bars, straighten out the baselines, make the spaces between the words and letters more even, giving room to breathe. Try to make the slant more consistent.

  3. 5/6 6/7 sometimes she is good about herself and sometimes she don’t, she has a low set goals in her life.

    She will revenge if her relationship will go to south because of her defiance K.

    Her temper is in controlled because she has a CONTROLLED T in her T bar.

    Her biggest fears of defenses is she is sensitive to criticism and T bar is low it means no goals and needs approval of others.

    She is defiant.

    I would say STREET SMART she is also a shallow thinker.

    I would suggest to Terri to raise her T-bar in order to built High-Self Esteem and cross her T bar above and balance on the top of the stem not high above.

    She hates men and This will affect her compatibility if she gets what she wants she is easily get bored.

    Yes she is moody person, being sensitive to criticism can easily withdrawn her feeling and easily get hurts.

    She describe herself as bitchy because of her different mood swing and has a temper she is easily get irritated.

    Sometimes she is paranoid because she imagine what other people think or said to her .She is distrusting men because of her stinger and she needs challenge.

  4. 1. Her self esteem I would say is between a 4.5-6.. If I had to give a number I’d say a 5. She probably enjoys limited success in her life but could do a lot better.

    2. not sure. She is definitely exercising some self-control. It is possible that this ccould be unleashed if something really bad happens? though I don’t see evidence of a bad temper.

    3. If she has one it is under control.

    4. She has a sensitivity to criticism and is also a bit secretive. Coupled with the lack of high self-esteem (middle of the road self-esteem) this could cause her to be more prone to be fearful of what other people may think of her. She may be less prone to take risks in order to succeed.

    5. I think they would describe her as someone who keeps to herself (no y-loop) who has a tendency to be direct and to the point, while also exercising self-control over her emotions. She is a very fluid thinker and is the type of person who needs all the facts before making a decision. She’s blunt and tends to be a bit childish at times, not necessarily in a bad way. Oh also a selective listener at times.

    6. She is street smart.

    7. I would suggest she bring her t-bars higher, get rid of the loops in the d’s (self-critical) and maybe also be sure to not have as many retraced e’s.

    8. There seems to be some physical frustration in her life, although I don’t really see any c hooks. not sure if I can answer this question.

    9. I see a little moodiness there, not very much though. She tends to be emotionally withdrawn but then also goes into the ambivert area of slant every now and then. I wouldn’t say she has any serious psychological disorder or anything, just minor variations in mood.

    10. not sure.

    11. don’t know.

  5. I think she’s emotionally unstable, and has self-esteem issues. She withdraws from people. I’d say she’s a nice person.

  6. Jerri has a multi emotional outlay. at this moment of her life she finds it difficult to make a decision because her heart pulls her one way and her head pulls her in another direction.

    She cares about what people think about her appearance. she needs to learn things one step at a time. she likes to talk about the secrets she knows. she is frustrated in the physical and material areas of her life. What she saids has two meanings. She likes to acquire information so she can talk about it. She has an ability to talk. Her words flow easily from her mouth. She likes to break the rules and depends of her self. She wants people to know that she doesn’t are what they are thinking about her self. Although she listens to peoples advice she doesn’t change unless she wants too. She has a fear of failing and the fear of change, and the fear of disapproval and the fear of being authentic. She doesn’t did for information herself she relies on what others tell her.

    1. self esteem is about 3.Her fears of disapproval and failure and change keep her bound to her present situation.

    2. Not a revengeful person but a defiant one. She would think she deserved to be treated that way but would defiantly march off in what ever direction she wanted to go at that moment.

    3. She doesn’t have a violate temper but does get ticked with life and acts in ways that are contrary to the norm.

    4. Her biggest fear is the fear of failure of being authentic and fear of disapproval although she would say she didn’t care what people thought of her.

    5. Her best friends would describe her as a great story teller, friendly and talkative, but a person who wants her space and alone times. Indecisive and defiant.

    6. She’s not a quick thinker and relies on others for information she doesn’t bother finding things out herself.

    7. I would have first have her raise her t-bars.

    8. She is friendly but tends to be a loner and finds if difficult in knowing what she wants. She would gravitate to those who compliment her on her appearance.

    9. Her emotional temperament is unpredictable.

    10. Neither…she just is a free spirited…does what she pleases person

    11. no, she’s not paranoid, but she does distrust people…probably men. She does have a lock down code of ethics and is a loner.

  7. Does Jerri have some painful secrets that she has to lie about and is she defiant because she doesn’t know what to do about the secrets that she has? Or is she now talking about these secrets not caring about who hears them? I believe Jerri hurts…deeply!

  8. I see her self esteem as 5 or 6. I would say she is definitely revengeful, but her temper could be somewhat controlled. She has a fear of intimacy and her defenses are lies. Her best friend would describe her as: secretive, defiant, and moody. She would say she is kindhearted i’m thinking. She is paranoid and distrusting.

  9. I note that her two printed samples differ in some ways. Does this matter? The first, more flowing kind of print may be what she regards as “cursive.”

  10. 1. Her self esteem seems moderate to low…..t bars crossed somewhat low.
    2. Vengeful, maybe not but has the buckle K which denotes defiance well yeah
    maybe she would be a bit vengeful if a relationship went south……combine that
    with her moodiness ( some uneven lines).
    3.She’s trying to control something as noted by the dipped t bar stem. I don’t
    think she has a severe temper problem though.
    4. Fear of criticism as noted by the looped d.
    5. I think that her best friend might describe this writer as a loner (straight lz y)
    that her friend may be her only friend as she keeps people at a distance…
    spacing between words but may kind of suffocate her one best friend
    as the letters are pretty close together.
    6.Somewhat slow writing , so more street wise.
    7.Her slant is slightly leftward (thinking of the past) and upright saying that she
    can be independent. I would have her raise the t’bars for better self esteem,
    that could help her with success and write her e’s with openness as she has
    trouble listening to other’s opinions.
    8.Because of a problem with defiance, not listening to the opinion of other’s she
    might be someone men wouldn’t want to be around much and the low self
    esteem could be a turn off too.
    9.Her temperament is moody (wavy baseline) and she has depression as seen
    in the word monkey (going downhill)
    10.She would probably say she is kindhearted but she may be deceiving herself here to herself (right looped ovals).
    11. Distrustful of men.

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