Lindsay Lohan’s Handwriting List of Lovers Gets National News

LindsayLohanHandwritingWhat a strange day in our Los Angeles based International headquarters.
Today, our associate Beth Chrisman was on National TV on the very popular ” Inside Edition”.  It all started with a handwritten note which MIGHT have been written by famous actress Lindsay Lohan.
When you discover that what you have in your hands is a famous celebrity’s handwriting that shares discreet information about the men she has hooked up with in Hollywood, you know it is going to be an interesting day at the office!
Our very own Beth Chrisman, a court qualified Forensic Document Examiner, was interviewed on Inside Edition News (National TV) this morning to share her expertise on the goldmine of a list that had 36 Hollywood Stars that Lindsay Lohan has slept with.  Is it really our infamous “bad girl” Lindsay’s writing or not?
The list included lovers we already knew about, such as her former boyfriend Max George from the Wanted’s and Wilmer Valderrama.  Shockingly, there were some other A-list names like Adam Levine, Joaquin Phoenix and Justin Timberlake!  While enjoying a night out with her friends at the Beverly Hills Hotel back in January 2013, Lindsay was trying to “impress” them with how many stars she has hooked up with.  Unfortunate for her, she discarded it on the floor for someone to discover.

Beth Chrisman is a Court Qualified Forensic Document Examiner and Teaches classes at the International School of Forensic. You might have seen her hosting one of our many Conferences on Video.


And when it was discovered, In Touch Magazine immediately called Beth Chrisman to examine if it really was indeed Lindsay’s handwriting.  Soon after that we had our own celebrity in the office when Beth appeared on KCAL Channel 9 News.


And here’s the alleged “list”. Now, we don’t really know if this was a list of lovers, friends, or just names written down on a piece of paper.  Beth’s only job was to determine if it was or was not written by Lindsay.



In the field of forensic document examination, we call this the “Questioned Document.”  The letter in red is from a court-room photograph from 2 years ago, as already published on this site.  Beth was able to compare the handwriting provided by In Touch Magazine with some of Lindsay’s notes from one of her many court hearings:

Click on the image above to see high resolution version. Do your own analysis.

According to Beth, “It is highly probable that this is the handwriting of Lindsay Lohan.”  She adds, “We can see significant similarity in letter formations and spacing. If she did not write this list it is one of the best forgeries I’ve seen.”

Yes, indeed.  It’s another exciting day at the office and another person’s identity spotted from her own handwriting.  You can’t hide from a good forensic examiner.







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