Stalker or Pathetic Fan?

Stalker or Pathetic Fan?

An In Depth Handwriting Analysis by Bart Baggett

Can this handwriting tell you if the person who wrote it is a dangerous stalker or just a lonely fan who needs to get a life?

What if you got this type of letter twice a week from a woman you’ve never met? It happens all the time to celebrities, both big and small. This letter was shown to me by a radio host from Louisiana. I’ve also seen a similar writing style from an equally persistent “fan” at the KOMP studios in Las Vegas. I’m beginning to think that all loser radio fans write alike.

First, you do the full analysis by yourself and see what you come up with.

Click the picture below to see the full handwriting sample, print out the graphic, and do your own analysis, if you would like. Then, scroll down to see what I found out about this handwriting sample.

Here is my analysis, in my own voice. Just press play! (If no audio player is shown below, click the audio file icon.)



Here are my notes on this handwriting sample


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  1. feminine writing that is out of balance. It takes more energy to write slowly and carefully, more energy to keep the strokes straight up and down. Her actions and words are probably calculated and not genuine because she is feeling that she needs to please others in order to get and keep love. She is searching and looking for love in all the wrong places.

    She probably takes care of others needs in a big way and wants to be known as one who cares and mothers everyone around her. Its possible that there is some unfinished business with dad so she wants/needs love and acceptance from others, so she overcompensates by doing and serving to assuage the fear of not getting and keeping love.

    I see a good imagination and attention to detail so she’s probably very conscientious at work. Before I recommended any changes in the handwriting, I would do energy testing for the capital I, o, f and the hook at the beginning of words.

    The inner struggle for this person IMO is that she has the nature to set her own standards and be independent in her thinking, but she has fears probably from childhood that are covering up that strength. She is not independent, but too dependent invested in mothering others not out of love, but out of fear. I would energy test for those specific trapped emotions. She might have some physical issues with digestion or weight, gall bladder, or kidneys. This is where in the physical body the writing is out of balance.

    I would enjoy reading other comments!

  2. Leslie I would like to know how one could tell if there could be gall bladder trouble as you mentioned she could have? I had a bad bout today with my health, a real scare.and I think it might be gall bladder but am not certain.
    Anyhow I can tell everything that Bart said is true since I have been studying handwriting analyses for so long now; however I have so much more to learn.

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