Sexuality, Therapy, Sexual Perversions, and Relationship Issues.

Whether or not you are planning to get Certified, or move onto the 501 Mastery Course, please take a moment to understand the in-depth ability you can have when you fully master the “primary” traits and learn to combine them with each other. Stacking the traits and understanding which traits weigh more than others is the key to grasping unusual and complicated personality issues. In this writing, it requires the other traits to fully understand how the lower-zone loops speak this girl’s past and current issues.

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  1. I didn’t quite understand if those were Felon’s claws or just teen age y’s because i couldn’t hear Bart’s answer very well. However they do remind one of felon’s claws.
    The lying loops are quite noticeable also. She seems to be a rather mixed up young girl and incest or rape may have occurred when she was younger.

  2. Sonnet, Thanks for posting your question. It is a very good question and comes up frequently when studying the reverse shaped y loops which end in to the left.

    The confusion comes from the shape commonly called “the felon’s claw”. The curriculum at Handwriting University actually doesn’t use this term because it create and inaccurate connotation about the writer being a convicted criminal. First, even if we decide to use this term… you agree on the shape which is being discussed. This graphic seems to be in align with what I think defines a felon’s claw:

    This is from an old 2004 article about this topic:

    Also, the confusion is the teenage Y as taught in Ray Walker’s book has a similar shape and direction as what people call a felon’s claw…but a teenage y is a very nice way of saying the person is confused about sexuality and probably innocently frustrated.

    Here is a sample from Dr. Walker’s book.

    As you can see the strokes are basically the same stroke, with wildly different meanings:

    You also need to recognize if the stroke comes BACK to the future with a bow tie, then that is another trait all together (sexual curiosity and persistence.)

    Personally, the way I handle to confusion of definitions of the graphology community is I do NOT use the term felon’s claw with clients. If the writing is of a person over 22 years old, I assume it is something negative and perhaps historically significant in the sexual arena (trauma)…and I investigate.

    I don’t assume the person is a felon.

    I don’t assume the person is a frustrated virgin.

    But, I do assume the person has issues from the past and is highly prone to REVENGE.

    Great question, keep them coming.


    in shape and of course meaning… but would be easy to confuse the two if y

  3. the video isn’t available !

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