4 Minute Personality Test: Author Tim Ferriss Exposes Himself Through His Handwriting


An article by Lina Husham @linaanalysis 
Handwriting University Certification Level Student, Amman Jordan
Contributions by Bart Baggett; Founder of Handwriting University

TimFerrirsjournalentry“History is littered with examples of successful (and unsuccessful) people who kept daily journals. It ranges from Marcus Aurelius to Ben Franklin, and from Mark Twain to George Lucas.” This is how Tim Ferriss started the article “What My Morning Journal Looks Like,” wherein he included a picture of his daily journal, written in his own handwriting. Little did he know that any trained handwriting expert can do a 4 Minute Personality Profile with the little snapshot of his journal.   

Just like his best selling books 4 Hour Chef, 4 Hour Body, and 4 Hour Workbook… we decided to explain how anyone that is properly trained can do an in-depth handwriting analysis in under 4 minutes.  Now, if you were getting paid $1000 to place an executive into a high paying job… you could use all 4 hours and provide a much deeper insight into that person’s job prospects.


But, since this is just an article, we will take the shortcut and explain the key traits which make Tim Ferriss such an unique individual.

Of course, there’s no need to say how generous and exciting it is for a handwriting expert to have a luminary like Tim Ferris expose his unconscious mind for us to analyze. We treat handwriting samples as if they are treasure maps in our hands; handwriting analysis becomes a guide to someone’s true nature, indicating certain personality traits that either make them or break them.

Every day we hear and read about all kinds of podcasts, blogs, articles, and books that tell you how to be successful in life. Tim has actually done it —and made a career out of “hacking” the process from being a entreprenuer who lives on the beach to building a world class body in just a few minutes a day.  Tim appreciates the most direct approrach to being successful.  Therefore, I hope when he reads this article, he will appreciate that among all the ‘personalit test’ on the market… he will have a new appreciation for scientific handwriting analysis through the system taught by Bart Baggett. 

The question we often ask and seek to answer inside our Handwriting University “currriculum”  has to do with a person’s  CHARACTER or PERSONALITY in the context of success is love, career, and life.  What kind of traits do you NEED to have order to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true?  While we focus mostly on handwriting analysis, we also include NLP, language, self-talk, and even guided meditation as the idea of personal transformation is addressed for each client. 

My mentor, Bart Baggett, gave very good 451 page  answer this question is his book Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy. If you have not read it, then you will learn much more than the 10 leadership traits and the NLP tools he trains his clients from the unconscious mind out.  However, at the time he wrote that book, he didn’t have Tim Ferris’s writing to include in the book.  But, Tim Ferris sure meets the criteria of a successful author and multi-millionaire.


Seeing Tim’s handwriting is just a pleasure to the eye and soul.  His book The 4-Hour Workweek has inspired me and may others to create a lifestyle business.  I’m writing this from Amman Jordan and feel just a free to experience the 4 Hour Lifestyle as any of my friends in the West.  I am lucky to be who I am and full of appreciation.

So, who is this Tim Ferriss, anyway? For those of who don’t know, here is a bit about him:

Born July 20, 1977, Tim Ferriss is an American author, entrepreneur, angel investor, and public speaker. In 2007, he published The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich, which was a number one New York Times bestseller, a number one Wall Street Journal bestseller, and a USA Today bestseller. The 4-Hour Workweek has made the Best Seller List for 7 consecutive years from 2007 to 2013. In 2010, he followed up with The 4-Hour Body, which was another number one New York Times bestseller. Ferriss’ third book, The 4-Hour Chef, was released in November 2012 and was a number one Wall Street Journal bestseller. Ferriss is an angel investor or an advisor to Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Evernote, and Uber, among other companies. (Source: Wikipedia).4hourworkweek

As you can see, he is quite a successful man, and at such a young age, he’s achieved what many won’t achieve in a lifetime of work. But in the end he is just a human being like any of us. He wakes up in the morning and falls asleep at night … and in between the fall and rise, he sometimes even eats chip and fries (what a rhythm!).

So, it’s not like what most of us tend to believe, that very successful people have some sort of super power that made them this way. In fact, I like the way he puts it: “Most people you see on magazine covers have plenty of mornings when they’d rather hide under the covers all day long.” I couldn’t agree more.

Below you will find some of his personality traits that stood out in his handwriting sample — and the combination of these traits is his very own magic blend for success.

Remember that each trait you have within, you can either turn into a positive or a negative, based on your attitude towards the circumstances you face. You have to also consider how all the traits stack together in a more Advanced Formula.  (This handwriting is not easy for a beginner. That is why I asked Mr. Baggett to read, write, edit and make sure it is 100% accurate from his eye.)


The first thing one sees when looking at Tim’s handwriting, is the long y’s, and the long down stroke in general. This indicates someone with a high level of determination, which helps them in achieving whatever goals they set their minds to. It is considered a very important trait for a successful person to have since it’s the trait that can let you actually see the fruits of your goals and projects. You see, there is little use in having goals and setting up projects if you don’t have the determination that it will take for you to cross the finish line.


For instance most of us write to-do lists — as recommended by highly successful people — but not all of us can cross off the whole list by our set deadlines. This is where determination is needed the most, and plays the big role in distinguishing successful people from the others. Our friend Tim here nailed it.

Busy Mind: Busy Schedule
Too Many Iron on Fire:

It’s a description we use when we see someone whose overlapped y’s have a line below; whenever this trait is seen, it means this is someone with too many projects in their hands, someone who has all the balls in the air and is juggling them. Note how much of this Tim has in his handwriting.


He is living a very active — and sometimes very stressful — life that demands he be constantly on the move, managing several things at a time.  Now that you know him, and know that he wrote all those bestsellers, TV shows, podcasts, and so many other projects that he handles all at once, can you think of any better description of his daily life.

This does not mean he is not organized… it means his mind is lightning fast and he never stops thinking about getting stuff done.

Goals Dreams and Esteem:

The idea of esteem and goals are often connected in the brain.  It is common that the more belief you have in your abilities, the more a person is likely to plan for bigger and better things.  This is why most basic books on handwriting analysis associate the high t-bar with high goals. Naturally, the opposite is often true… low esteem could equal low goals or risk averse behavoir.  If someone write’s 100% cursive, the crossing of the letter t is a good place to get firm clue at the person’s level of self-esteem… thus confidence on acheiving his goals. 

However, because Tim’s handwriting is a combination of printing and cursive, one has to take a more advanced approach to analyzing his own level of self-esteem and goals.  You have to consider the size of his signature and the personal pronoun I to get a clear understanding.  You have to take the entire writing into consideration and understand the many exceptions to the primary trait to get this one right.

First, any Certified Expert knows that when the t in connected to next letter (seen below in the words rightly  & other) that this t-bar indicates the fluidity of thinking and ability to weave words.  The esteem portion of the t is ignored when this trait supercedes it.  This only leaves us with a few solo letter t to use for this trait.

2015-07-20-TimFerris5The t that ends a word is actually a throwback to the way they taught the letter t in the 1940’s.  (This is a strange choice considering Tim’s youthful age and he learned to write in the 1970’s.)   In most books, this ending t that goes off to the right is considered “initiative”.  It’s a form of intellectual aggression. Get shit done now!  The tall t-stem is tall which indicates excessive pride and a dose of “I don’t care if people like me… but they will respect me.”

Because we don’t have signature on this page, we found one on the inside of a book cover. It shows the “writer’s connectivity” / “fluidity of thought” which we would expect from a 3 time best selling author. We also see an illegible and BOLD signature.  This all speaks to his sense of ego, confidence and personal power.  The titled up  baseline is optimism and the close i-dot is an amazing attention to details.


All that being said,  we can’t ignore the very normal size personal pronoun I and t-bars which are mostly middle zone.   This indicates a very practical person, with a healthy dose of pride and self-respect. 

When you see a wildy successful  person, you often think they must have an exceptionally high esteem and expect a t-bar crossed at the top portion of the stem.  There are many exceptions to this important and easy to locate primary trait.  Tim is one of these exceptions.  Ambitious, smart, but pragmatic. 

 The T bar is just one area of a three-part esteem calculation.

Determination and intelligence are critical factors in success… he has loads of those two traits.  Just between you , me , and the fencepost… he looks in the mirror and finds the imperfections.  Hey, he is a millionaire writer…he is not perfect.  If there are two areas of personality that Tim’s girlfriend might complain about it would be his fast impatient mind, gets irriated easily, and assertive and argumentative tendecies.  The need to be right and respected is often rooted in a deep seeded sense of not feeling “good enough” when a child.  That would be a conversation for his therapist.

Tim has a highly critical, analytical, and a fast thinking mind.  He just loves to solve problems and questions everything.

You might be wondering, “Does this man has anything that’s not so good?” … Well, he has some temper issues, gets annoyed and irritated easily, cuts of people who speak to slow and thinks he is average looking…  if that makes you feel better 🙂


Argumentative and Talkative:

Being argumentative is one of the traits that at first glance would seem negative and critical.  However, if it existed with someone else it could always cause them trouble; it can be very annoying to have someone nagging over your head all the time, especially when they are talkative, too.  To fully undesrtand argumentativeness… you have to understand the basis of arguing is “critical thinking” and “stubborness” and “need to express”… all rolled together. 


With Tim, he molded these traits to work for him instead of against him. He is “questionaing authority” and “fighting the norm”  has  manifest itself in great and productive line of books that CRUSH THE STATUS QUO. This trait is shown by the broken top of the (P) and open circle of the (O).  Open o is the pimary trait of “talkativeness”.

He has made a career out of finding the exception and defying what is common. This trait permeates his career … But I hope it does not permeate his love life.  On  a personal note Time… argumentative is simply not sexy.  Do your best to keep that train in the writing room… not the kitchen! 

He is a great debater and enjoys good conversations, which are just traits if you want to have a podcast or TV shows; he is smart enough to make a living around his very basic nature. If you have these qualities in you, I suggest you get behind the nearest mic and let us hear all!



Shown by a dashed i dot, depending on the side it’s dashed, we can determine where this irritation is directed. In Tim’s case, he is often irritated first by himself, and then, after doing some analysis of his reality, he gets back to being irritated at others.  Let’s fact it… smart and quick thinkers get annoyed by stupid people.  The trick about being annoyed is to hide your annoyance and don’t make people feel that you think they are stupid.   Tim doesn’t have much secretiveness… it might serve him well to get some before he meets the parents. 


Now sometimes this can be a threatening trait to his ability to maintain rapport.. especially when one does not know what to do with this irritation they have inside … it could eat you from inside out. But, again, as we said before, each trait you have within, you can turn into a positive or a negative one, based on your attitude towards the circumstances you face. What Tim did is made a cause out of his anger; his irritation spurred him to achieve, and to change whatever he didn’t like about reality.

For all I know, maybe he’s fed up with people whining about their long work hours, or the lack of financial freedom, and that made him to go out and write a book about it. Or, even better, to have various and wide range of services and products all revolving around solving what he was irritated about in the first place. I mean — wow! — what a brilliant way of using your worst traits to build what you do best.

Thank you, Tim, for sharing this with us … highly appreciated!

SCROLL DOWN for a full size page of Tims’s Journal…if you want to take a closer look.

In summary, I guess what I really want to say, that there is no good or bad traits in any of us — it’s all about our choices in life and becoming the best you can with your core personality. 

Tim has used the qualities within to carve out a career of solving problems and finding a better way to get what you want.  I want you to see the possibilities in you and in everyone around you. I want you to jump out of your chair and start doing great stuff that makes a difference on this planet.

If this interest you… then I highly recommend you get the Certification Level Home Study Course or have  your own handwriting analyzed by a professional. Do NOT allow anyone to analyze your handwriting that just calls themself an expert.  There are lots of flawed theories in this field.  Only hire someone who has a certificate from Handwriting University with Bart Baggett’s signature.  Otherwise, you are just going to be dissapointed.


Or, attend a live conference and meet the Faculty in Person.

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Until then, be positive and live happily!

Lina Husham in Ahmad, Jordan.
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