Health in Handwriting (Video)

Handwriting is also known as “brain writing”. Part of brain writing is knowing and understanding your health issues by simply analyzing your handwriting.  At times, your health issues can be read in your handwriting even years before the body shows signs or symptoms. Teresa DeBerry has spent much of her time researching and collecting handwriting samples of people with all kinds of illnesses, disease and prior injury.

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We were fortunate enough to have Teresa speak at a previous Conference and we invite you to take a look at a segment of her presentation in the video below.

You’ll be fascinated by the way health issues show up in handwriting and how accurate pain dots, pen pressure, ticks and pasty writing can alert us to symptoms of general poor health, past or present injuries, fatigue and more serious health issues such as high blood pressure, bone disease…even the beginning and later stages of cancer.

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Now, check out this great lecture with Teresa DeBerry…

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  1. Where does Curtis Baggett discuss health problems and pen pressure? Specifically, I need the answer to the question: “Health problems are indicated by what kind of pen pressure?”

  2. He discusses on the audio seminar recorded in 2003. This topic is visited in much more detail in the “Advanced Seminar DVDS” with two lectures on the topic of health in handwriting. For the 301 test question, you can write “alternative pen pressure and or re-occurring goop marks”. However, this really just the tip of the iceberg about health in handwriting. 2 Hours of Health in Handwriting Lectures inside this course.

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