501 Mastery Course in Handwriting Analysis

The 501 Mastery Level Course is Handwriting University’s most advanced certification and training course in scientific handwriting analysis.

Here are the two links that you will need to attend the live classes, access the course online, or register to join.

  1.  Not enrolled?  Go here and read about the program and decide if this is for you.  https://handwritinguniversity.com/products/mastery/
  2.  You are enrolled and you want to access the MP3 part of the program. The videos for this course are still on DVD and not accessible online along with the 5 manuals/workbooks (shipped to your door).  View the customer-only member 501 audio file page now (locked unless you have access).
  3. You can see the Zoom Mastery courses that were hosted by Doc Grayson. There are replays available.

 Live replays are here and all questions and class schedules should be requested directly to the teacher for any upcoming group classes or private tutoring.  

*As of 2022, our dear friend and teacher Doc Grayson has departed this plane. Until a new teacher come forward with his level of enthusiasm and love for this science; live 501 classes are not being held.  We are so lucky to have so much video training of his genius when he was with us.