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Our tutoring live classes are hosted by our Handwriting University President, Bart Baggett as well as our Certified Graduates and Authorized Trainers.  Topics such as: relationships and compatibility, handwriting analysis trait stacking, criminal handwriting, and much more. 

This is a small group class where you join in and analyze handwriting samples together. You can upload  your own samples, or samples that you have come across. You can ask questions… there is no stupid question.
We even have LOCAL phone numbers from the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Austria and many more.  You can call in using a free skype connection, too.
All levels of experience are on this phone call. 
This is a great time to get feedback and answers, so look below for the next upcoming class and join in!

The links below are for MEMBERS ONLY. You must login and be a current Gold or Silver Member to listen in or view the class replay page. 

Host Date Listen Now
Scroll Down for upcoming class.  Date of Class (Oldest to Newest) Click here to listen Live or Listen to Recorded Replay
Bart Baggett Class 63 Replay (Lots of good handwriting samples here) (Listen to replay now.)
Bart Baggett February 2014 Listen to replay now.
Bart Baggett August  2014 Confidence, Multiple Personalities Replay Now Online. Listen Now
Bart Baggett October 27th, 2014 Tutoring Class with samples Click here to listen & view to replay now.


Bart Baggett December 2015 

Emotionally Damaged People.  * Best class of the year!

Click here to listen or watch the 90 minute class replay.


Bart Baggett  January  2016 More Crazy handwriting samples. Click here to watch video replay or download audio replay.


Bart Baggett Feb  2016 

More Crazy handwriting samples.

Click to watch the video replay


Bart Baggett March 2016 

More of Kelly and Angele’s samples

Click here to watch the replay of class.


Bart Baggett June 2016 

Live class and your handwriting samples.

Click here listen to the audio replay.
Bart Baggett July  2016 

Amazing in-depth class with lots of stuff not taught in books.

Click here listen to the audio replay.
Bart Baggett August 2016 

Live class and your handwriting samples.

Click here listen to the audio replay.
Bart Baggett September  2016 Live class and your handwriting samples. Click here listen to the audio replay.
Bart Baggett October  2016.


Click here watch the video and audio replay


Bart Baggett November 2016. Click watch the video and audio replay. Contains VIDEO 


Bart Baggett December 2016. Click here to view the replay.


Bart Baggett  January  2017. Click here to watch the video replay.


Bart Baggett February 2017. Click here watch the video replay


Bart Baggett Monday April 03rd, 2017. Click here listen to the replay.
Bart Baggett Monday April 24th, 2017. Click here to listen to the audio replay.
Bart Baggett Monday May 22nd, 2017. Click here view the video replay.
Bart Baggett Monday June 26th, 2017. Click here join the class or upload your own samples.

How to Attend These Live Classes or Download the Replays.

Only active Handwriting University members with Gold or Silver memberships are able to attend these live classes. Once classes are completed, they are available for download or stream in the members only live event area. So once you have a paid membership, not only will you be able to attend these classes, but you can also listen up to 3 months of previous classes. Each month, members are also able to access to new bundle of PDF, audio, and video bonus trainings each month inside the Member’s Only section of this website Any questions about your membership status, call our customer support center or submit a customer support ticket via the help menu.

If you are unable to upload your handwriting sample, please email JPG to support @ handwriting at least 4 days before class, so we can have tech support make sure we can upload and see your handwriting sample.  We do not work on weekends and classes are usually the last Monday night of each month.