11 Big Fears Shown in Handwriting Analysis


Today’s video lecture addresses fears and defenses in “frame” which will make you think about some common personality traits in an entirely different way. In fact, it will give you deeper insight into people’s inner most thoughts… much deeper than just memorizing a basic handwriting analysis trait.  SCROLL DOWN AND PRESS PLAY

Fear is paralysis of the soul. Fear creates paralysis of the body. Fear is what stops people from taking action… Action which would otherwise transform their lives in glorious ways.

Having a tool to conquer fear in yourself and others is like having a magic wand with you at all times. The power to change lives is literally in your hands — and when I say in your hands, I mean in your handwriting. If you’re reading this article and you’ve followed my line of work, you’ll know that the idea that handwriting shows character seems to be self-evident.

To the average person, the idea of knowing someone’s personality through handwriting is interesting and acceptable especially after someone’s had their handwriting analyzed by a professional. However, the idea that changing your handwriting can reduce lifelong fears and change behavior is a big pill to swallow. In fact, some will call you naïve and silly to even propose such a thing. If I recall, the Wright Brothers were told it was impossible to fly just before that remarkable day in 1903, when they proved all the skeptics and experts of the day dead wrong.

11 Big Fears Video:

In this short article I’m going to give you a 30,000 foot view of the 11 major fears in human behavior and the correlating handwriting traits that correspond to them. These big fears are huge, monumental, and they have all have had a track record of success through the process of intentional Grapho-Therapy.

I’m taking a macro view in this article to give you a broad overview of 11 big fears and how they can change lives. However, don’t shortcut the detailed investigative work that you must do if you’re new to handwriting analysis. The 11 big fears listed here are also correlated in our best-selling workbook, “Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life Workbook for Adults and Children,” and our Home Study Course.




The workbook is a journal that can give you a step-by-step procedure and help you create habit patterns using handwriting over a 30-day period. Now, when I was 14 years old, I didn’t have the luxury of this workbook or a detailed letter-by-letter outline of which traits would give me a leg up in becoming successful and reducing my core fears. But I did have a wise mentor that told me the things that changed my handwriting, and told me specifically which letter to change, and why and how to make it different.

If you do not own these two books, these are very small investments which can create huge, leveraged results.  1) Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy. This book explains what to change. 2)  Change Your Handwriting Change Your Life. This is a fill-in-the-blanks workbook/journal to help you apply the changes you make daily.

So, these 11 big fears address the core issues of what I perceive to be some of the biggest challenges and emotional roadblocks that you will have, or your friends or clients will have, so know these and have them at the top of their mind when sitting down with a friend or sitting down as a counselor. It will be very useful knowing what you can help change with Grapho-therapy.

For example, someone might say handwriting analysis can tell you everything about a person, but that’s not entirely true. I can’t tell if a person is black or white or of American descent or European descent.  A handwriting expert cannot tell if you have a big nose or if you’ve got tiny feet. Likewise, Grapho-therapy can’t cure everything. Grapho-therapy is not very effective at curing hypoglycemia or bed wetting or sneezing attacks or a split personality.

However, it does seem to be very effective at making inroads and profound differences in people with a fear of ridicule, self-consciousness, low self-esteem, fear of trust, fear of failure, or fear of success.

It has profound effects on these fears. The other important thing about this particular lecture is that you’ve probably seen all these traits before if you’ve been studying scientific handwriting analysis through our system. However, the “a-ha!” moment that many students had from this video is that all these traits can be reframed as a “fear of.” So, for example, what is normally called shyness is really a fear of rejection.

What is sometimes called low self-esteem is a fear of failing. Fear of looking stupid is also self-consciousness.  Reframing your thinking about these certain traits as fears — and emotional roadblocks — is an important distinction. Here is a list, just to make your reading faster, of the 11 big fears in handwriting and how they’re reframed for this article.

  • Fear of Success

  • Fear of Failure

  • Fear of Criticism

  • Fear of Looking Foolish

  • Fear of Being Wrong

  • Fear of What Others Think

  • Fear of Losing the Love of Another

  • Fear of Making a Mistake

  • Fear of Losing Control

  • Fear of Trust & Intimacy

  • Fear of Being Authentic

Gift: Download the 11 Big Fears in Handwriting Presentation file in PDF format which correlates to the video above:

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Handwriting Sample 1: Francine

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Handwriting Sample 2: Shelia

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  1. **** Insightful ******

    This is such a fascinating way to look at my personality… what am I afraid of. The handwriting seems to have distinct, exact traits which DO RELATE to my fears.

    Since I’ve read the basic 101 course, I recognize the primary traits as Bart describes in the video, but I never thought to reframe them as FEAR OF _____.

    This is very very helpful for my own personal growth and the growth of my children and anyone who wants Grapho-therapy advice.

    Cool article and lecture. Thanks Bart!

    Jennifer Reagan
    Tuscon, Arizona, USA

  2. This is actually a really valuable and interesting way to re-frame some of the most basic and fundamental traits and then show them as fears of something. It basically takes the cloak off the personality trait as just being a trait that is ‘just there’ in that persons personality. And now shows it as the underlying fear of something that is holding the person back, because that is essentially what fear does.

    good vid Bart.

    Jonathan Matharu
    Vancouver,BC, Canada

  3. very interesting, Bart

  4. Yes, the video stopped half way. Please let us know when it is fixed. It was interesting what I learned.

  5. highly knowledge oriented and interesting. Thanks

  6. I have the book on how to change your handwriting, change your life. Since I started this book I am noticing that my writing contains partial letters and I am miss-spelling a lot of words. This is something new since I am practicing my t’s.

  7. very excellent lecture on fears in handwriting

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