Will Handwriting Analysis be Useless in 100 years?

Will Handwriting Analysis be Useless in 100 Years?

In the last community class, Staley asked a great question about the handwriting one people under 25 years old and how to analyze it.

I answered that question with some pretty fascinating examples of Cro-Magnon cave drawings and neuropathways.  I extracted the 5-minute clip here for you to view here.  The entire class is one hour and full replays are never posted… so, attend live.


Watch it in full screen here. 

Also, our monthly Handwriting Analysis community class is This Thursday night. All you have to do in order to join the conversation is pre-register at this link.

You can bring your own handwriting samples to the zoom room and we can discuss them along with the one PODCAST guests handwriting which appears on the Bart Show Podcast this month.  (Maj Toure)

Please join us.



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