September 16th 2021 Mom’s Live Training for Successful & Happy Kids

Free Live Training ; The Community Class

This Thursday, we are hosting a special class for Mothers only. 

Do you know a mother who is having these challenges? 

  • Facing emotional ups and downs
  •  Stress
  • Despite your best effort, there is a communication gap, and every passing day this gap widens? 
  • The child is ignoring Mom’s instructions? 
  • The child is acting out and not behaving?
  • The child is underperforming at school?

Come join us where Ms. Nidhi, Singapore’s Leading Handwriting expert & Parent’s child Coach will be sharing the way smart moms found a better method to understanding and motivating their kids.  

In this training how to quickly and easily

  • Identify your child’s learning style.
  • Bridge the communication gap with your kids
  • Get to the root cause of the problem & help them built happy & confident life. 
  • Boost kid’s self-confidence while giving them a sense of independence and joy. 

If you know any mothers that would benefit from attending this live training, please pass along this invitation and have them register using the link below. 

Every parent wants their kids to lead a happy & successful life… but there are not very easy-to-follow methodologies. 

Register at the link below to hold your spot. New people and new friends are welcome.

Nidhi Gupta

Mom’s Guide to Successful and Happy Kids. 

Thursday, September 16th, 2021

8:30pm I.S.T / 8:00am PST/

10am EST / 3pm UK


This is a special free presentation going LIVE on Thursday.

Go here to register to hold your spot.  There will be NO REPLAY.

Schedule Appointment


Step 1: Register here:

Step 2: Choose your time zone

Step 3: Fill out the information

Step 4: On the thank you page, you will be asked to enter your info again in the zoom video platform, please take a minute to register on both pages, so you get the reminder emails sent to you.

Step 5: Set your calendar for this next Thursday. September 16th, 2021

Zoom meeting ID: 837 9131 7215 

Password : HU2021

Step 6. Forward this Invitation to any Moms or teachers that you know.  They don’t have to be fans of students of Handwriting University or ever heard of us before.  Share this great Live Training for Moms.




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