November Handwriting University Community Class

November 2021 Community Class for Enrolled Students of Handwriting University.


Bart Baggett & Pooja Saran

Thursday, November  2021

8:30pm I.S.T / 8:00am PST/

10am EST / 3pm UK

Go here to register for the next live class.


Step 1: Register here:

Step 2: Choose your time zone

Step 3: Fill out the information

Step 4: On the thank you page, you will be asked to enter your info again in the zoom video platform, please take a minute to register on both pages, so you get the reminder emails sent to you.

Step 5: Set you calendar for this next Thursday. December 17th, 2020

Zoom meeting ID: 837 9131 7215 

Password : HU2021

Step 6. Review the Thinking Patterns and Intelligence section inside the Certification Level Course online and be ready to discuss any of the samples shown on the videos recording in live seminars.  Also, the entire book called Handwriting Analysis for Love and Relationship would be smart to review. 


Intelligence and IQ sections are here for quick reference.  Watch the videos before class, please.    Section 7)



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