8 minute audio about love and relationships in handwriting

Here is a great 8 minute audio file about  seX  , love, and relationships in handwriting.  It is a section taken from the information from this book….

book cover.

Grab your own handwriting and compare your lower loops to this diagram and listen to the fun and engaging lecture

by Curt Baggett and me.

Every wants to know about there   SEX drive.


You can be checking out your co-worker’s writing by lunch time and “Oh, the things you are going to reveal after listening to this!”


Handwriting University.com

P.S. Please don’t call anyone a nympho by just that one letter I talk about! Even know it might be true. Use discretion and keep some secrets to yourself.

P.S.  Here is a new combination course I just released which combines the basic kit and the relationships book:  http://www.loveandhandwriting.com This is the exact system PUA’s all over the world are using to attract dozens of people every day!

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