Why Grapho-Therapy Works (Brain Chemistry Explained)

Bart Baggett. Author, NLP & Handwriting Expert

Today’s video is quite revolutionary outside of the community of  professional handwriting analysts.  However, if you can master the language of brain scientists, you will have an easier time explaining why such an easy “transformational technique” like grapho-therapy is really based in science… not the placebo effect.

Anyone who has studied N.L.P, brain chemistry, or even the basic principles of brain elasticity will find this new technique for lasting change very exciting.

Recently, we discovered that the Handwriting University family of graduates, teachers, trainers, and faculty members have taught “grapho-therapy” to over 40,000 individuals worldwide, many of them children. What a great start they have on life! In fact, our graduates are now training and teaching kids worldwide through our Authorized Trainers program.  If you are certified, you ought to check it out.

This video is about how I use modern brain research to help explain why Grapho-therapy works to change your thoughts and even bad habits. Most people would think changing your handwriting for self-improvement is just some hocus-pocus wishful thinking placebo effect. Many skeptics say handwriting is not based on science. After today’s lecture, you will have visual proof it is scientific. And, you might even believe grapho-therapy is the real science — and something you can use for yourself and your friends.
If you ask me, changing your handwriting is a much faster route to “re-wiring your brain” than most other techniques that promise to change your unconscious thinking patterns. Scroll down to view the lecture I recently gave in Mumbai, India as to why Grapho-Therapy is now being accepted in N.L.P., brain research, and clinics worldwide.

Does the tail wag the dog?
Can changing your handwriting really change your thoughts? Find out here.

Grapho-Therapy Explained: Video 1 of 2 Above.  Once complete, view the part 2 of this short lecture filmed in Mumbai, India.


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Student Review:

“In less than a month after changing my handwriting the way Bart suggested, things started to happen. I got rid of an abusive boyfriend, got better grades, and met my fiancé. That was six years ago. The changes have helped me accomplish two degrees and a wonderful relationship. As a bonus, it was easy.” – Christian Chrane, Dallas, TX

The Change Your Life Grapho-therapy workbook is the perfect way to implement the changes recommended by a professional grapho-therapist. You can also buy this book in combination with the Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy and guide your own handwriting changes.





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  1. Nancy Howard wrote:

    “These are my notes from Dr. Amen’s book ‘Change Your Brain, Change Your Life’ re handwriting.

    Smoothing fine motor behavior is another basal ganglia function and is essential to handwriting and motor coordination. Many ADD children and adults have poor handwriting. Handwriting is difficult and often stressful for them. Their writing may be choppy or sloppy. Many ADD teens and adults print instead of writing cursive because it’s not a smooth, continuous motor movement, but a start-and-stop motor activity. Many ADD people complain they have trouble getting thoughts out of their head onto paper. Meds that help ADD (Ritalin, Dexedrine, and Adderall) enhance production of dopamine in the basal ganglia. These meds sometimes improve handwriting and enhance the ability to get thoughts onto paper. Many ADD people say their overall motor coordination is improved by these meds.

    We have a 37-year-old mentally challenged daughter with the I.Q. of about a 3rd grader. Studying her handwriting through handwriting analysis has helped me very much to understand what goes on in her head. Last year we took her to Dr. Amen’s clinic in Virginia for SPECT brain scans. ”

    -Nancy Howard

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