Community Class Carol Baskin and Tiger Joe Exotic’s handwriting analyzed

Class Carol Baskin and Tiger Joe and the letter T. 

Replay Page Week #4 Community Live Classes for Handwriting University Fans and Students.  Discover the Tiger King (Joe Exotic) and Carol Baskins true handwriting analysis revealed.

Attention: Until the end of April, these classes will be offered WEEKLY and free to the public to connect and learn during this challenging global epidemic. Invite your friends and take this time to master handwriting analysis online and via zoom video classes. 

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This is class #4:  Pooja Saran and Bart Baggett host.

Topics:  The letter T, self-esteem, ego, narcissism, trait stacking and Exotic Joe “The Tiger Kings” handwriting.  Read his letters from prison.

April 16th, 2020 Community Class Replay Above. 

Tiger Kings Joe Exotic handwriting

Carol Baskin’s Diary entry and her handwriting.

Carol Baskin’s legal power of attorney to take Don’s estate. 


Fun class. Over 150 participants. Join us for the entire series using the link below. 

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