Handwriting Community Class – March 26th Replay. Slants and Damaged People

Replay Page for the 8 Week Community Live Classes for Handwriting University Fans and Students.

Attention: Starting in March 2020, these classes will be offered WEEKLY and free to the public to connect and learn during this challenging global epidemic. Invite your friends and take this time to master handwriting analysis online and via zoom video classes.  Go here to register now: https://bartbaggett.clickfunnels.com/community-workshop-19

This is class #1:  Pooja Saran and Bart Baggett host.

Topics:  How to properly measure slant.   Middle Zone size versus FA or E+ slant.   Special focus on WHY FA SLANT is a sign of emotional damage.


Class #3:  Tiger Joe: https://handwritinguniversity.com/members/members-only/special-events/community-class-3/

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