Spacing between words: What it means

We all require space in our lives. We need the space to grow, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity. In short, space is a vital component in everyone’s life. Some need normal space, some need less, and some want a lot of space.

In handwriting analysis, spacing between words shows how much distance you want to keep from the people around you, whereas spacing between letters indicates the extent of self-expression.

Graphologist Sheila Lowe says: “The amount of space a writer leaves between words is a good indication of how much personal space she demands from others and the degree of self-restraint she uses in social situations. What is a ‘normal’ amount of space between words? A good rule of thumb is to use the width of a letter m in the writing you are analysing.”

Wide spacing between words

If the spacing between words (see pic below) in your handwriting is very wide, it clearly shows that the writer has developed trust issues and therefore he is unable to establish a steady relationship with fellow humans around him. Such writers mostly keep quiet and avoid getting into discussions and arguments. A girl whose handwriting I analysed had this type of handwriting. Read here story here

But before you make up your mind that wide word spacing is inarguably a negative feature to have in handwriting, I must tell you that it is not. Often, very creative people choose a high level of personal space in order to find time for their passion and things they love to do.

If this handwriting feature coincides with a small size of handwriting, the social isolation could be really high. 

Wide word spacing in handwriting analysis

Normal spacing between words

If the spacing between words in you handwriting is normal (see pic below), it means that you live in harmony with your surroundings. If your handwriting has average word spacing, it shows you are capable of building a healthy relationship with the people around your. There is no confusion in your mind about how close your should allow people to come to you. Writers with average word spacing in their handwriting can become friendly with several  people at the the same degree of intimacy.

Word spacing is normal in this handwriting sample

Narrow spacing between words

Someone whose handwriting has close word spacing is often found to be in need of constant contact with people around him, which makes him feel good. Such needs are often derived for feelings of insecurity, which compels the writer to seek solace in the company of others.

If narrow word spacing coincides with large handwriting size, the need to keep in touch with people becomes an inexplicable necessity for such writers.


  1. Good article. Narrow spacing can indicate a fear of poverty, as well.
    Wide letter spacing is needed with a 45 degree upstroke at the end of a letter or word for High Generousity Advanced Course-take it. 🙂 ).
    Spacing matters.

  2. The article is simply and clearly. I agree with this information. Thank you.

  3. Brillian research. I love it.

  4. These observations are correct in general.
    What needs to be considered is slant and pressure.
    A De/E+ writer with wide spacing would negate the need for space as they are overly people based.
    If combined with a 45 degree upstroke (see Rogers’ comment) this is generosity, particlarly with a heavy rght hand slant.
    A cd slant would be mostly accurate unless geneosity is shown.
    Whereas Fa, Ab & Bc writers are logical and not people based anyway. But the wide spacing will make them more aloof.
    To be accurate trait stacking is required.
    I always ask the person analysed.
    Spacing is always a consideration and can enhance or minimise traits.
    Craig – The Write Guy

  5. I found it very useful. Thankyou Sir.

  6. Yes, this is a very practical way for one to monitor his human relations as well as security among others.

    Thank you

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