First, you should have already downloaded, printed, and analyzed the handwriting of today’s interviewee… Ms. Sunshine Lee. If you have not done that, please do not WATCH the video below until you have attempted to answer the key questions and analyze the writing yourself. If you have a bit of patience and approach this the same way we do this in “LIVE EVENTS” worldwide, you will have a more profound learning experience. So, here are the steps to utilizing.

Thanks for being a member this month. As a free gift, here is the entire, word-for-word audio book that has been changing people’s lives for over 50 years. The Og Mandino classic The Greatest Miracle in the World. At our last Costa Rica Retreat, I spent days and days in the recording studio recording this book in my own voice, so the participants could listen to the book while walking through the rain forest. Now, for the first time, I am sharing these iPod recordings to non Costa Rica participants. Enjoy.