Live Tutoring Class 2017 Member’s Only Call (Call 82)

This is a unique tele-class that Handwriting University FACULTY hosts each month – just for Silver and Gold Members. This tele-class will be aimed more towards answering questions that you may have about handwriting analysis and to walk you through analyzing your own handwriting sample. You can also bring up any questions you may have about our home study course.  Enjoy the replay of last month’s class with Bart Baggett. If you are not a paying member, join now and upload your handwriting before the live class which is always the last Monday of each month.  Join now for just $7 (Regular price $17)

Video Class Replay Information:

      • Event: Class 82 – Replay
      • Host: Bart Baggett

Click play on the video below to view the replay of the class with samples.

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Key Traits Covered:

  • First handwriting sample is a spotted T-bar, analyzed as sarcasm, domineering & talkative.
  • Second handwriting sample of US Vice President Mike Pence, analyzed as fluidity, ego & conservative.
  • Third handwriting sample of Alicea w/c analyzed as very persistent, self esteem, stinger, more protective, temperament, slant for social aptitude. Doc Grayson’s analyzed the “A” cursive in Alicea that looks like a star shape qualify as an artist.
  • Fourth handwriting sample of Julie, analyzed as an aggressive, sensitive to criticism, the t-bar found in this handwriting is a perfect example of sarcasm, procrastination, another indication of temper, stubbornness, the strokes found out resentment, angry, irritation, defiance, self-esteem and secretive.
  • Finally the handwriting sample, analyzed as impulsive, developed a defense mechanism of being cautious, the fluidity found on F, the energy level is w/o question. On the other letters w/c are T & H also found as fluidity in w/c could be a dynamic sales person. While the open circles also analyze as very talkative. The primary trait “P” as persistence and lastly the slant “t” pointing downward qualifies as dominant quality.

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