Month 9: The art of the verbal analysis: How to say bad traits in a kind way

The art of the verbal handwriting analysis. How to say bad traits in a kind way with compassion. 
Presented by By Bart Baggett

Today’s special bonus video was filmed in front of a live seminar audience in Pune India.

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As a bonus, we have included a mp3 audio file and a transcript from one of the CLASSIC classes held in Dallas Texas. These are no longer published as part of our updated course.

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Topic:  “The art of the verbal analysis.  How to say bad traits in a kind way.”

Bart Baggett answers questions and explains this interesting process.

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Brief Description:
In this informative and well researched Special Report/Course (which also includes a mp3 class recording) the authors discuss strokes, traits, and combinations that a complete amateur can use and a 20-year veteran probably didn’t already know. Much of these “traits” and “strokes” you might have seen before, but never knew they were connected to ethics or dishonesty.


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