Press Conference Video Reveals Zodiac Killer

Debra Perez holds press conference in San Francisco.  Handwriting analysis
holds key evidence.

Debra Perez at San Francisco Press Conference
View Video here.

View video and read full article here.   Stay tuned for more news… will handwriting
solve this crime, once and for all?

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  1. Hello Bart, You and I spoke a few times last yr about Zodiac and my findings. As you know I was the person who found the Zodiac costume in my car in Napa, right after the Lake stabbings. It did not look as D. Perez has described it ,not even close.
    Darlene Ferrins family is very upset with Deb. Perez’s story. We know for sure that her father was not the man we still see driving around our area.
    We do have his picture and indeed he is the same man who bothered Darlene just before she was killed. We have also found that most of D.Perez’s story is not correct. She has been caught in many untruths, they have been recorded by other message board hosts. The Zodiac has not died yet, in fact he is still doing his thing so to speak. I have the DNA that can prove her wrong. The problem is that people like her and Dennis K. keep coming up with these odd stories to make money from the deaths of Z victims. The police turn a deaf ear to the real facts, because of all the crazy people they have had to deal with over the years. It is a shame because the real killer is still out there laughing at all of this.

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