Bart Baggett’s Book: Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy

The download area for this book has moved to our new teachable website.  

Best Selling Personal Development Book: Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy by Bart Baggett

The new edition of this book along with select audio files and bonus videos is no longer hosted at this website.  If you have purchased any edition of the Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy after January 1, 2017, then you can get full access to the new edition at the new website.  

Just contact our customer support team in the USA and India and give them your user name for our new customer only portal.  You can create  user name here:

Customer service can be emailed or chatted with at this page:

If not, you can purchase the new edition of the book online here.

The previous edition is no longer available for distribution. 


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