Web Cam Video of Bart’s telelclass about Tony Robbins & Michael Jordan’s Secret to Success!

If you missed the live 90 minute teleclass about Fears and Defenses, here is a
9+ minute video clip of me, at my office desk, hosting the call.  You will really find
The portions about pride, vanity, success, and the big fears the motivate such
superstars as Tony Robbins and Michael Jordan, great viewing.

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Bart’s You Tube Channel —> http://www.youtube.com/thehandwritingexpert

Part One: Vanity, Pride, Fears, Self Consciousness, Pain Vs. Pleasure

Part Two Michael Jordan and Tony Robbins Continued

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Bart’s You Tube Channel —> http://www.youtube.com/thehandwritingexpert

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  1. Yes, Bart, I agree with your observations totoaly. These two writers have put a lot of effort into compensating these fears that still continue to appear as writing traits. I believe that other desires and goals have helped override these basic traits that are proabably very imbeded from long ago. It is all about the context of their situations. The trait does show the works of their inner minds that are invisiable to the outer environment and other people though.

    I have the same with the “d” loop myself. I have been writing the “d” like this for so decades. Now with the handwriting knowledge, I have reduced the size of the loop, but it still appears and I have strengthened other areas that help minimize the weakness of this fear. so citicism does not bother me as much anymore.

    Then there is the age factor for me. I have been blasted with so many hardships over the decades that I have survived that at 63 now, I just don’t care want anyone may say to or about me. But that trait still appears due to the fear still remains a bit.

    Lani Stacks/ San Deigo

  2. I find everything about these classes exciting and look forward to my classes arriving in the mail and plan to be certified in August. See you in Vegas!

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