Video Handwriting Analysis of the Month: Franklin Ruehl Part 1 of 2

The new “Handwriting Analysis Interviews” have arrived.  As part of the in-depth learning techniques taught by Handwriting University, today’s handwriting sample was one of the “audience choice” favorite videos at the 2010 Annual Handwriting Analysis Conference, which wrapped up a few weeks ago.   Today, answer the following questions (in your own handwriting) and do a full analysis of the individual here, Franklin.   In 24 hours, you will be rewarded with audience predictions and an in-depth 18 minute interview with Franklin by Bart Baggett (in a Hollywood studio).

But first, you must analyze the handwriting and do your best to answer the questions based on your skill level of handwriting analysis.  If you own the Level 101 and 301 courses from Handwriting University, you will be able to get most of these questions correct… but some you might be forced to make an educated guess… because the questions are odd.

Below is his known handwriting samples. Click on the image to see the full size higher resolution sample.
Scroll down to answer the questions and come back tomorrow to view the interview and audience comments.

Cursive handwriting of Franklin Ruhl
Printed handwriting of Franklin Ruehl

Franklin Ruehl – Questions for the  Handwriting Analysis student

1.  On a scale of 1 to 10, describe his self-esteem and how this affect his career?

2.  Do you feel he is intelligent. If so, how intelligent?

3.  Would he be inclined to believe in UFOs and conspiracy theories?

4.  What was his biggest defense mechanisms and how would it affect his professional career?

5.  Would you describe him as arrogant, open minded, stubborn, or full of self-deceit?  If so why?

6.   Is he a mad genius or crazy?

7.   Is he a linear thinker, cumulative, or a bit chaotic?

8.  Describe his relationship with women and how functional of a husband would he be?

9.  Was he a nerdy kid? Was he a shy kid?  Is he a nerdy adult?

10.  How his level of integrity and personal honesty?

11.  Does he have determination and other success traits?



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  1. My first impression: rigid and opinionated, likes attention (leading flags into his signature), disjointed thinking patterns & easily distracted (strokes in letter Y not connected), probably argumentative (tent in several capital letters), also guessing he uses humor to hide his insecurities. Probably talks alot when people are willing to listen, but not very willing to risk “being known”, somewhat secretive and maybe not very trusting until somebody agrees and listens to what he is saying – until he has their attention, he is probably kind of shy.

    1 – Good amount of self esteem from his letter T since most are crossed high on the stem, probably affects his career by showing his enthusiasm. I’m guessing 7-8 scale.
    2 – Fairly intelligent but probably doesn’t care if anybody knows it or not – probably opinionated to the point that he doesn’t care if anybody approves!
    3 – yes, I’d say he has a good imagination, likes variety and is open to a lot of new ideas.
    4 – doesn’t like to be corrected, thinks his way is the only way and the best – explains his “tent” writing on some letters, as if they are supported or need support.
    5 – Arrogant? probably. Doesn’t care about anybody else’s opinions or views – very rigid thinking.
    Open minded – not really, if it differs from his own ideas, but probably curious about a lot of things that excite him.
    6 – I’d say crazy. VERY crazy. LOL
    7 – Chaotic. His writing is disjointed and sporadic in style.
    8 – I wouldn’t even want to meet him for coffee! 🙂 Might be fun and entertaining, but it would be a one-sided conversation and not much chance of ever having team work in a significant relationship. If he wrote me note, I’d probably run to the nearest exit after I saw this handwriting!
    9 – Don’t know about this one, but I’m guessing he is nerdy. Self-conscious about it too, since the strokes are strong and blunt, mostly at right angles, straight up and down.
    10 – yes, he’s determined – probably to get his own way. Very strong strokes. Organized in that things are perfectly lined up on the left side of the page.

    I’ve been through the 101 course a while ago and am probably rusty on this, but these are my first impressions.

  2. measures 9 for self-esteem. He’s a visionary person with high goals. He’s intelligent. Yes he would be inclined to believe in UFO’s and conspiracy theories…he loves to argue and is stubborn in his beliefs and sensitive to his ideas. He’s selective in his hearing and closed minded to others opinions. He’s a quick thinker and funny. Irritated with himself and others. Has a temper. At times reserved and depressed. He’s honest to himself and to his belief system. He lacks imagination but makes up for it in his belief system is out of this world!!! Arrogant…oh yes! Loves to talk or more like arguing his beliefs….He’ll have his ups and downs energy wise and be irritated with himself often…he’d be had to know what he is feeling…you might not know where you stand with him..being his partner would have many challenges.

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