Transcript & Teleclass mp3- Grapho-Therapy Top 10 Questions

Grapho-Therapy Top 10 Questions

by Bart Baggett

You missed the live teleclass, but you can download the mp3 file now or the entire 17 page PDF transcript of the call, right now.  Just a unadvertised bonus for you, a paying monthly member.

Today’s classes are all on VIDEO and you can upload your own samples. This class was recorded before video was widely used in our monthly membership program. 

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EVENT Information: Grapho-Therapy Top 10 Questions


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  1. Thorouly enjoined the Teleclass on Grapho-Therapy. Thanks for inviting me.
    I’m wondering if Grapho-Therapy coould be used in our prison systems to effect a change in offenders of petty crimes. I’m not sure if a murderer or serial killer could change his life through a program like this but maybe the other kind of offenders could?
    Many offenders have had self esteem issues since early childhood carrying over to adult hood. Perhaps if their self esteem had been good as a child they might not be in prison today.

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