Handwriting Analysis Interview: Rigg K.

Below is the latest video interview for the Handwriting University Membership site. This video is not for public viewing, only registered members and newsletter readers. Please leave your comments below the video so future members and readers can take away some bits of knowledge from viewing it.

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To gain more from this video interview, make sure you download and print out the actual handwriting from the PDF file and do a full personality profile, before you look at the video. Otherwise, it will be like looking at the answers to the crossword puzzle, before you attempt the puzzle. You will learn MUCH more if you analyze the handwriting, make a comment below… then view the video.

You can find his full resolution handwriting sample in part one, located here:


Contains: Rigg K., Video. Part One and Part Two. Conclusion of interview

Video 1:

Video 2:


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  1. Hi Bart, I really enjoyed your analysis. You said at the end of it that one thing you hadn’t spotted was how intelligent he was. Can intelligence be seen in the pointed m’s or is that just quick thinking? Are the two the same thing anyway? Thanks.

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