Ask Bart: What does spacing between letters really indicate?

——— Reader Question———

This question was submitted by Bruce Entwistle, of Belgium

Bruce wrote:
Thank you ever so much for your effort in helping me out with my previous question about a certain trait.
Ah, yes of course Bart nor you couldn’t recall this word cunning, but the word actually should
be curning not cunning , which is mentioned in the Hand analysis by Bart of
Paris Hilton:

PDF word for word transcript and audio above.

And here is the example where I found it about Paris her handwriting which Bart was questioning a student :

Bart Baggett: The letters are crowded, that’s a good question. I don’t have an exact trait for you
about crowded letters.

Do you mean letters upon letters (touching).?

Student question: What would typically be called curning, and a lot of the letters are totally

Bart Baggett: Right, I have read that space between the letters means generosity, which she
doesn’t have, but I don’t know if the opposite’s true.

When I’ve seen fear of poverty, fear of being broke, it’s not been over-letters, it’s been compressed.
And her letters don’t look compressed…so this won’t apply.  Her letters are just overlapping.

I think it’s a lack of respect for space –
I think the overage is is just kind of no appreciation for her own or other people’s stuff.


But this leaves me still a bit confused, as Bart told this student that letter been compressed  means
fear of poverty, fear of being broke, and wouldn’t that also mean Narrow minded or Selective listener, or could this also mean Reticence?

Which still leaves me with the question about the letters O’s seems to be glued to each other, perhaps you or Bart may have the answer on this quest?

Sorry to bother you again about bothering you again with a question !!
Much appreciated for your help once again.

Yours in good faith

Do have further a nice day.

——— Bart’s Answer ———


Nice Transcript:

It is very helpful for you to give me the quote in context when you have a question.
There is over 15 years of recordings available to students, so questions are easier to
answer with the handwriting sample and context included.

Here is my expanded answer:

The idea of “spacing between words” or “touching” is a italian / german idea based in what is now commonly called gestalt graphology.

To answer the question, I have referenced a book on italian graphology which gives a good “cluster” of associated personality traits with this “touching” element.  However, with most gestalt descriptions… there can be lots of variables because it is based on a many elements and not just a single stroke.

In the Paris Hilton analysis,
I meant that her letters had little or no space between the letter and the next letter. They were actually touching.  There was intentional  reference about the form of the letter (narrow e or reticence).  The conversation was soley about spacing between the letters and words.

This is a ‘gestalt’ concept, which I am planning on discussing in detail as part of
the Italian Graphology Course later this month, November 24th, for the Gold/ Silver members.

I’m not convinced there is an exact meaning which can be 100% predictable, but there is some agreement among the  italian and german graphologist on on tendencies with large space between letters and lack of
space between letters.

Large space between letters : generosity and friendly, expansive and cheerful.

Lack of space between letters: (touching): excessively pre-occupied with drawing
their own conclusions, but never succeeding out of fear of being wrong.  A substantial
sign of intellect and emotional anxiety.

This data was take from page 120.
“Graphology : Theory and Practice” by Lamberto Trobino and
Livio Zanin of the The G. Moretti Graphological Institute of Italy copyright 2011 Scriptor Books.

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  1. Hello, in reference to Oct. 31, 2011 Weekly Newsletter “spacing between letters” comments (sorry I did not hear the recording and am a beginner student):
    I wonder if letters which are tightly connected to one another are an indication of some self-centredness – a tendency to be closed minded with regard to other’s opinions/ideas, because the writer considers him/herself to be of high intellect. Perhaps this writing reveals a literal-mindedness that relies on his/her essential use of logiic.

    I also wonder if letters that are generously spaced are indicative of somone who has a generosity of spirit, an open-mindedness that is willing to engage in open discussion and learn. I would anticipate this writer to have some flexibility.

    I understand that any of these traits will be effected by the presence of accompanying personality traits. I am a beginner student and would love feedback.

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