[Video] Why Are You Always Lying?

When people lie to me it just burns me up.
Does it bother you, too?

I recently explained the ROOT CAUSE of why even well meaning (good people) choose to lie and why it is a compulsion that is hard to stop.


The first 2 minutes of basic traits inside video might seem familiar to you if you are a handwriting analysis veteran… but the rest of the video is a level of insight which will give you empathy and compassion and even teach you how to REFRAME on of the worst traits in psychology into something “acceptable”.
So, are you ready to learn the real reason WHY PEOPLE LIE? (as well as how to spot a liar by their handwriting)
(You’ll see why that is in the video below) I’m sharing with you a clip from our most recent Handwriting Analysis Annual Conference in the USA.  Watch this video all the way to the end so you can to explain to your next client who got swindled, tricked, deceived, duped, or lied to from one of these sad people.
(You’ll thank me for this free, short training next time you see a crazy loopy letter o.)


Want to read more about the letter 0, lying, and secrets.  Here is a new article about the same topic. https://handwritinguniversity.com/members/weekly-newsletters/the-truth-about-liars/ 

The Truth About Liars and People Who Keep Too Many Secrets

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  1. great teaching sir about why lying someone is not always bad?

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