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  1. Hi, bart
    I am from pune. I love to read your articles. Thank you. I am planing to com e Las Vegas for learn new things with Mr.Pradeep Kriplani.

  2. See you in the USA. I’m very excited about all the Indians coming to the next USA Conference!

  3. Well Hiiiii Sir.I m a student who have just completed the 10th grade.
    First of all a big,big,big thankyou .Handwriting analysis was just heard from me by my mother who is a teacher describing her another fellow teacher who had the ability of hand-analysis.But that thing had not fascinated me at that time.But after reading your e-book on handwriting success secret ,I was just shocked and impressed.I have just made up my mind for learning hand-analysis.The place is a problem in India but I’ll make it through.Afterall,
    Where There Is a Will,There’s a Way’.
    Waiting for your reply.Please make it happen soon.

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