Where did the term “Make Your Mark” Come From? Etymology. Meaning of Make Your Mark

The age of the quill pen is long past us, like the age of the horse and buggy. Even though we’re still using pens and pencils now and 30 years, we might be a lost art. So, you still have to determine how people can make their mark.  Imprint? Make your imprint and make your impression.

 Well, colloquially it means to make a splash you know make your mark on society. Yeah, the impression most people in the Middle Ages couldn’t write. So, you just did like a stamp? Yeah, it’s not a stamp. They couldn’t write. So by making your mark that gave them a piece of coal, and they would make a mark as their signature. So that’s what made us it was really it was the first signatures was the mark. Eventually, like well, that Mark looks like his mark. Well, that Mark looks like a net. So, they started customizing their mark, which became an autograph.

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